hahahaha i'm here!! I'm at the MTC and I love it! oh man oh man oh man I feel really stressed to get this done in 30 minutes. I have so much to tell you because it feels like they fit 3 days into one. They say the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here. I apologize now because this is about to be all over the place.
OK so when I got here, they put my bags in the room and then I went straight to class...guys...they ONLY speak cebuano. Absolutely no English. I wish you could have seen the first day. I was laughing so hard because the teacher was talking so fast and when he asked me questions in Cebuano, I kept accidentally responding in Spanish. hahaha
alright so my companion is Elder Chamberlain from Orem, Utah...of course! He's great. He's the complete opposite of me but we get along pretty well. He's having a really hard time with the language so please pray for us. I love the language. it's SO awesome how much we've learned in 4 days of being here. On our second day, we got our first investigator named Dennis (he's from the Philippines) and taught him our first lesson...completely in Cebuano. No english. Can you imagine?? the SECOND day we're here. Since then we've taught him a second time. So we go in and we talk about the church and we gave him a book of mormon and asked him if he would read and pray to know it's true. Then we both bore our testimonies and said a prayer and he asked us if we'd come back. I wish you guys could see us talking to him. It's such a cool language. It sounds like a mixture between the Minions from Dispicable Me and Klingon. That's exactly what it is. Of course there's a LOT we don't understand but it's a miracle how much we do in less than a week. The gift of tongues is real! The other day our teacher was gone so the district president picked me to teach the class...hahaha CUZ I SPEAK CEBUANO. Tinuod ang gasa sa mga pinulongan!
I love my district. There's 11 of us and 3 people are from Missouri! hahah isn't that crazy? But we have so much fun with the language and they're already like brothers. (One Elder's name is Elder Connor Reed Murdock from St George...any relation? parents are kelly and mark?)
The food here is great.
I love all the different languages here. Everywhere we go missionaries are speaking Russian and swedish and Spanish and Mandarin and Tagalog and Hmong and German and EVERYTHING. it's so cool to see everybody here for the same purpose. Our conferences are awesome especially when everybody stands and sings Called to Serve. wow. No feeling like it in the world.
My branch President is llike our mission president and he's awesome. He's very to-the-point and stern but so loving. His name is President Whetten and in our first branch meeting he said "no more hands in the pockets, no chewing gum, no music, and let's eliminate the words "Guys" and "dude" from our vocabulary." So when we were all going around introducing ourselves, I stood up with confidence and said "HEY GUYS!" and then I remembered that I wasnt suppose to say that...hahaha OF COURSE
Guys i miss you so much and no offense but I'm not homesick! haha I absolutely love this work and I've never felt so close to the Lord. I'm so grateful to be an instrument in his hands and spread the gospel. Even though it is SO hard, I can't tell you how much I love it. I know that if we put our trust in the Lord, he can lift us higher than we ever knew we had strength. EVERYBODY read the Book of Mormon every single day. It is the most true. This gospel makes me SO happy. My heart is full!
Nasayud ko nga tinuod ang ebanghelyo, ug nga manluluwas si JesuKristo. Gihigugma ako kanimo!!
Thank you so much for your letters mom!!! I love you so much. I'll write soon through snail mail! Today (Monday) is my Pday!!
Love you all, with aloha,
Elder Mahaffey
ps i dont know everybodys email please forward!!