Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Act Ye Well the Part

Can you believe I've already been on my mission for a month?? I can't tell you how weird time is. It feels like I JUST got here and now we getting our travel itineraries within the next two weeks and leave in 26 days!! Wahhh I get so excited when our teacher Brother Saager talks about the culture of the philippines-- how everyone just sits outside and talks and they fit like 7 people on one motorcycle and how they just follow Americans because they think they're movie stars. hahah
Speaking of culture, (apparently) if youre talking to a filipino and they dont understand or didnt hear what you said, they open their mouth... so i was in the TRC and I guess i said something they didnt understand and she just opened her mouth and I was SO confused. I was wondering "WHAT is she doing..." I thought she wanted me to pop a mint into her mouth or something. Also, we were teaching about the Great Apostasy and Elder Chamberlain accidentally messed up the verb conjugations and said "The apostles murdered everyone" instead of "The people killed all of the apostles." hahahah I couldnt stop laughing. Oh also, Elder Chamberlain's brother just got home from the philippines last week and he speaks cebuano so he comes and volunteers at the TRC and I'm so jealous just watching them reunite and talk.
Guys... everybody in the district is scaring each other now. At first I was so proud...but then when I was trying to fall asleep one night and someone JUMPED out of my closet I just thought to myself "...what have I done..." hahahaha we're getting creative too. Cami you would be proud.
This week was really difficult for some reason. I struggled a lot. I had a really hard time focusing and staying on task (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?) haha anyway i got so down on myself sometimes because of the language but then our teacher Brother Young just talked to all of us and said "Don't get stressed. This is a happy work! You elders know more cebuano right now than I did when I was 6 months into my mission. Lighten up! The Lord is with you!" it was exactly what we needed to hear. He is seriously the perfect teacher. it's so comforting to have the Lord's support.
And also, I was getting kinda depressed because I REALLY miss music. One night I wrote in my journal how much I need music and the very next day I got a package from mom....Brand. new. ukulele. OH MY HECK you are the best! thank you thank you thank you. Salamat kaayo! It literally was an answer to my prayers. and my whole district loves it too. They all want to ask their parents to send ukuleles now haha seriously thank you thank you. I'm learning hymns on it!!
This week, I was prompted to ask the district to share their testimonies of the reality of the Savior and it was amazing. I can't even explain in words what it was like. It's so nice to have those promptings as a district leader. I love all of them so much. They're amazing missionaries each one of them.
The scripture that really stood out to me this week was D&C 67:2 (I love doctrine and covenants-- there's so much directly for missionaries) - "Mine eyes are upon you and the heavens and the earth are in my hands." The Lord is mindful of EVERY person. Every single person. No matter how much we struggle or hurt, He is there with us, watching us and we need to be at ease and have courage because everything is in His hands. That's good enough for me! Anything is possible with the Savior. He wants us to be the best we can be. I heard a quote this week that really applied: "What ever thou art, act ye well thy part" meaning, whatever you are, be the best. Do your best and have faith that everything is gonna be alright. There's so much strength and comfort and HAPPINESS in this Gospel.  I want everybody to know this joy.
Enjoy and give thanks everyday for everything. Give thanks for the rain and heat even when you don't want it. "You might as well be grateful cuz ya can't change it!" hahaha Be the best you can be and be happy happety hap haps. Work hard and you'll get blessings! I promise that.
Thank you so much for the letters and notes! KEEP EM COMIN! hahah you are the best. i'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all the amazing people in my life!
Daghang gugma ug kalipay,
Elder Mahaffey

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