Monday, July 16, 2012

Akong pamilya!!
You know what they say, "when the going gets tough...go getcho GLOCK!" hahaha just kidding.. sorry. oh man what a week. I feel like it's been a month. I've never grown so quickly or learned so much in such a short amount of time. oh dang the language is so hard. I love it though. our district has a lot of fun with it. Sometimes I feel like Helen Keller because lots of the words are in the throat like "nga" and "mga". it's hilarious. You know how we used to make our own languages with friends when we were little? That's what this sounds like. It's so weird how I can say something that sounds like "unsa ang mga hilig nimo?" and someone can understand me and respond. It's an adventure. What a blessing. Life is so great!
The Lord's DEFINITELY been teachin me patience. This language is tough!! My comp is having a hard time with it as well and thinks he will NEVER get it.  I love him though and we actually get along really well, probably better than any other companionship in our district. I just have to be extra positive and now i just laugh it off. We can't get too uptight, this is the Lord's work! i'm giving it my all and working so hard and I still laugh and have so much fun.
For example, the other day Elder Chamberlain was in the bathroom and I was gonna scare him when he came out and the door opened and I jumped out and said "RAAWWWRR!" wasn't him. it was a poor little asian elder. I think i scared the rice right outta him. I was laughing so hard.
My fourth of july was...interesting. we had a huge celebration at the end of the day and we got to go outside and watch the fireworks. go murica. oh and at night i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and there was a Taiwanese elder look in the mirror talking to himself "I am proud to be an american..." completely serious...hahaha
I am learning so much. Our days are SO long and it's nonstop. we never go back to our room except to sleep. sixteen hour days nonstop language and studying and language and gym and food and language. It gets so stressful and I get headaches every day. hahah ITS ALL GOOD I GOT IBUPROFEN. but our teachers are awesome. OH so we taught our investigator every day (in Cebuano only) last week he committed to baptism. So cool! 
President Uchtdorf said "Preach the gospel at ALL times and if necessary...use words." I love that. We should always be an example of the believers in everything we do. Elder Bednar said "Who you are is far more important than anything you will ever say." That's comforting...especially while learning a language. I wanna be the missionary that's known for smiling too much and loving everybody.
Our teacher said that this work is a constant have never arrived. I love how we can always be improving. I heard a quote that says "The best reason to do the best today is tomorrow." YEAH IT IS.
Last night we watched Elder Holland's talk to all the missionaries at the mtc. It was literally one of the most piercing and moving talks i've ever heard. he talked about being obedient a lot: "When obedience becomes your request and not your irritant, the powers of heaven will descend upon you." I love that. he also said "Every good thing that has happened to me was because I served a mission." and "go out and ASTONISH people with this message. They have to see something in you that they've never seen anywhere else in their life!" and "The reason missions are hard is because Salvation is not a cheap price. Everybody's going to have to be strong because Jesus Christ was strong in the Garden of Gethsemane." Oh man I wanted to write down everything he said. He is truly an apostle of God.
My testimony grows stronger every day. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission for the Lord. I feel his love every day. Jesus Christ lives. I know that without a doubt. I'm grateful for his gospel and for the scriptures.  The Bible and The Book of Mormon go hand in hand. The Book of Mormon is true. I'm so happy that I can invite others to come unto Christ and live with neverending happiness. "Come unto me and be perfected in Christ." (Moroni 10:32)
I love you all so so much! thank you thank you thank you for your letters! I love getting the dear elders. You have NO idea what it means to get a letter at the end of a day. write me on  and just tell me one sentence what you did that day. I love hearing from you!
ALSO, please someone send me the ugliest tie you can find like at the goodwill. my district is having a contest.
Alia- good luck moving!! ahhh turkety!! have fun! (also i met arron foechterly. awesome kid!) and thnk you SO much for your letters! get me your new address so i can write you soon!
Mom- thank you for the package and all your letters!!! and the JOdaysha brownieszzz!! i love you so much!
selah- i miss you SO much!!! dear elder me. read your scriptures.
dad- thank you for your awesome letter! send me a pic of the bike
I love you! salamat kaayo!!
Elder Mahaffey

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