Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ayaw Kabalaka

HAHAHA what an adventure this is. I've never felt so many emotions. wow oh wow. I feel like a new person every week. First of all, one of our investigators, Egypt, who has really been struggling, committed to baptism this week. When he told us that he wanted to be baptized, me and Elder Chamberlain just looked at each other and all I said was "oh man!" in English ...haha it's so satisfying to see people make a decision that you know will improve their lives and make them happy.
Mom, the uke is a Poly magnet...I love it. I was playing in my room and then a kid from new zealand just poked his head in and saw it and yelled "YEAH BRO I thought i heard that!!" and then he went and got like 20 other poly's and we played and sang and they were harmonizing. I was smiling so big.  There were elders from Fiji and Tonga and Samoa and Australia. Bliss.
Fun fact: Cebuano is the 4th most spoken language in the Church right now. HOLLA ATCHO BOY
Oh we finally got roommates this week. First day, they accidentally set their alarms 2 hours ahead. They locked themselves out on accident and when I came to the door I just growled at them and said "it. is. 4:30." hahaha Theyre goin to Washington, Mara! They are spanish-speaking though. It's so funny cuz they're always asking me for help on how to say this or that in Spanish. And Brother Young always asks me how to say things in spanish because he's tryin to learn it.-- Shout out to Sra Kiser!!
Cebuano's comin along really well. The teacher's always make subtle jokes to each other and I'm beginning to understand them.  I'm getting SO excited to go. The teachers always talk about their missions and I just wanna get out there!! (Except apparently they aint got bacon over there....BETTA WATCH YO PIGS). Anyway, every day it just gets more real. The other day, I was feeling so down and I was having the hardest day, and I just prayed to Heavenly Father for comfort and peace and I did not want to go teach but when we went into the TRC, me and Elder Chamberlain walked into a room and it was a Filipina woman with her baby.  It was the coolest thing. She was just so happy and full of love and excited that we were learning her language and we spoke with her for half an hour in Cebuano. It was a direct answer to my prayer. I was so happy.
Anyway, the point is, Heavenly Father hears us! Jesus Christ hears us!   I loved this quote from Ezra Taft Benson: "The Lord will not permit us to fail if we do our part." What a promise, right? It's true. If you have faith in Christ and then do everything you can "You shall be lifted up and delivered out of your trials" (Alma 38:5). We can do anything, anything, anything with Christ. Even go to a foreign country and speak a weird Asian language...for real! Have courage and become a better person everyday. "We bless others as we serve in the shadow of Jesus...who went about doing good." Do good! Be good! Live good!
Also, write in a journal all the time (Elder Chamberlain calls it a "Journey-al"...hahaha). Writing down thoughts greatly enhances our ability to feel and understand the Holy Spirit. Document your life and experiences. Life is good. Life is so good yall. Ayaw Kabalaka!! (Hakuna Matata)
Have an awesome week. Try new food and take cool pictures.
Love you all,
Elder Mahafi (that's how the poly's say it)

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