Monday, August 20, 2012


Maayong Buntag Pamilya!!
...I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS! ohhhh man you should have seen us when we got them out of the mailbox. it was like Christmas morn. We were all cheerin and jumpin up and down. Alright so, I leave on Tuesday August 28 and I leave SLC at 8:26pm and fly to San Francisco then to HONG KONG to Manila, then we get to CEBUUUU on August 30 at 11:30 am Philippines time. holy moly. this is surreal. also, I'm the travel leader...what ever that means. hahaha but we're all so excited. we keep jokin like "Hey! wanna go to hong kong next week?? ..let's go!!" ahahah crazy. So I'll call you guys a couple times when I'm in SLC and then again when I'm in San Fran (we're allowed to talk as long as we want!). So Cami dearelder me your number too! Oh and mom, I think Im just gonna buy a call card here cuz it's cheap, so if you sent the phone, I'll just send it back. AHHH can't wait to hear yo voicezzz!!
This week also flew by unrealistically fast. I love it. I love studying the scriptures. You know how in Despicable Me, the little girl gets the stuffed animal and yells "ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIIIIE!"? well The other day when I was reading the book of mormon and I just thought to myself "'s so true, i'm gonna DIIIIIEEE!!!!" hahaha I make myself laugh a lot...
Anyway, people keep saying to me "Oh i'm so proud of you for sacrificing two years to do this" but I honestly don't look at this as a sacrifice. It's a blessing to be a missionary. I love wearing this nametag. I love wearing Jesus Christ's name on my heart every day. I can't even begin to tell you how this experience has already changed my life. I love the surety of the gospel. It makes-a me a-happay! "Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Lend your efforts to helping people. Stand higher, lift others. Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (President Hinckley). Tinuod man sya! So true! If you wanna be happy, serve someone else. SIMPLE.
This week Sister Boegenshutz was talking about why she's serving a mission and she said "Everyone deserves this happiness." She's awesome. I wish I could just hug her cuz she's so awesome but thats BAWAL (forbidden). She's the only sister in our district and I like to compare it to Peter Pan... she's like Wendy and we're all the Lost Boys...hahaha
This week, Sister Mara sent me a package with letters from Dad to Cami on her mission and from Cami to Mara on her mission and from Mara to me on mine. What amazing words that all still applied to all of us. It gave me so much strength and courage. Also in the package, there were 3 missionary nametags: Cami's, Dad's Mission President Counselor one, and Dad's from 1978. SO cool. I put my tag right next to them and took a picture. What a priceless gift. I feel so close to all of you! thanks so much mara. I just sent you a letter.
Anyway, I love yallz. Thank you for your prayers and letters and lovinz. I love this. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true yall. No doubt. Keep the commandments and ye shall prosper!
Pray, love and live always.
Much alohas and gugma,
Elder Ma-happy (Filipinos cant pronounce F's)

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