Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Better World


It is a gloomy, rainy day here in Cebu, but you know what? There's sunshine all up in this soul today. Hahaha I'm lovin life. We had a VERY busy week and it feels good to work hard. It's just non-stop. We know the area a lot better now so we are constantly walking. I got like bruises on my feet, but its all good! haha

Alright, so I decided that I would never want to be famous...because I've gotten a little taste of it here. I thought it would be cool with all these people following me, but if I hear "AMERIKANO!" one more time... I might bust a bubble. Haha i mean it's still really cool but it can get kinda old on a really hot tired day. Haha

I was just thinking to myself "what a life." I'm just a 19 year old kid living in the Philippines teaching about Christ. So awesome. 

Funny story: we were walking on this main road and I noticed that some guys car broke down and it was holding up traffic so I ran up to ask him if he needed help in Bisaya and I eagerly went up to his window and yelled "SIR! DO YOU NEED AN ANSWER?!....i mean HELP?!" hahah tubag and tabang are the words I mixed up. Anyway, we pushed his car out of the way and gave him a pass along card and later in the week, we saw him up in a Baranggay on the other side of town and he said "Thank you for your help." So cool.

Also, the other day we were eating at a Calenderia where they just have all these pots out and you choose what you want so I picked some random stew and I was eating it and thinking "Hmm..this is an interesting texture..." It was chicken liver and hearts. I pushed that aside.

Another day, our whole district was eating at a restaurant and one of the elders said "Hey elder mahaffey, your girlfriend's outside." So I looked out the window and there's this woman pressed up against the glass looking at me smiling SO big, no teeth, mouthing "I lovvve youuu. youre so cuuuute!!" hahah I was laughing so hard because I was really uncomfortable.

So last night we were teaching a less active named Jessica Tumimban and she asked if she could have a blessing of comfort and then asked if I would give it...I was so nervous but I just spoke and even though it might have been really choppy cebuano, it was such a cool experience and she said she's coming to church!

We got like 7 new investigators this week, our lessons have been awesome. It's so cool to share my testimony with people and invite them to come unto Christ and let them know that God is there and he loves them so much. It's awesome to see the literal change in their appearance. They look happier, they look brighter and fresh. I love that. 

I learn so much everyday. My testimony is strengthened every day. My appreciation for you all grows every day. I feel so grateful for the happiness and blessings that the Gospel has brought to my life. I love the scriptures and the constant reminder to be ever faithful. It's by faith that miracles are wrought. I love what Ether says in Chapter 12 about how belief in God means a hope for a better world. I'm so glad to be a part of offering people that hope for a better world. Faith, hope and charity is the fountain of righteousness. 

Be happy and become better every day. Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow God will work wonders among you.

So much love,
Elder Mahaffey

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