Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keep your head up!


Man, this is hard yall. Sometimes I feel like I'm not strong, and I feel weak but that's where the Lord fills in. In his strength, we can do all things. (alma 26:12?) Anyway, I'm doin good! There's Christmas music playing outside and it makes me feel happy. haha this week was tough because every single one of our investigators has fallen through. It's real sad, but we're having good success with the Less-Actives in our area. A woman came back to church for the first time in 20 years! What a miracle. Man I love these people. They're still really hard to understand, and people talk to me like I'm deaf, yellllin and repeatin themselves so slowly so I can get it. Hahaha i wish you could see it.

Anyway, we got to watch Conference this weekend and Ive never loved it so much. Every talk just pierced me with the spirit. I love our Prophet and Apostles! It was so encouraging and uplifting. And speaking of that, I got all the letters this week!! ahhh so so great. I cant explain how great it is for a missionary to get mail. Even though it literally takes a month exactly to get here....but still it was so great! Write to the missionaries! Thank you for your love and prayers. I feel them. This gospel is true. Let it fill and change your life and feel the love of Christ! every day! I love you all.

Elder Mahaffey

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pagpasalamat ta!


Hahaha I love reading all your emails and hearing about your experiences and I'm just overwhelmed with thanks to be alive. "Our degree of gratitude is a measure of our love for God" (Elder Nelson). Always be grateful for everything. Be grateful for families, be grateful for hard times, be grateful for toilet paper and potato chips and oreos....hahaha Oh man I can't tell you how happy I feel right now. This week we got 6 new investigators and 7 less actives came back to church for the first time! Miracles are happening I tell ya! I wish I could tell you everything that happens.

We met these two women at a little Tindahan, Lorna and Beth Gubat mother and daughter, and we I2L'ed them (that's "invite to learn", unique to our mission) and they agreed and we taught them part of the first lesson. I can't tell ya how much I love these people. It's a new feeling loving complete strangers... it's awesome. They were some of the nicest people I ever met. Sometimes in the middle of a lesson I just think to myself, I'm in the Philippines, talking in this strange language and they're understanding me and I'm telling them that Christ's church is on the earth awesome is that?

Anyway, we did splits this week and I led the area and it was so awesome because I felt really effective and I got to know the people better. The language is getting better!

Man I love Cebu more and more everyday. Either riding in a Jeepney or a trike or sitting in a house over the water, I just think to myself, "This is so sweet.." haha I'm so grateful for the gift of prayer and the strength it's brought. The Lord is with us. Man, I can't tell you enough how true this is. Like mara said, it's not belief anymore, it's a knowledge. This Church is true. I love you all. I love life! Glory and thanks be to God.

Have a great week yallz

Elder Mahaffey

"Pretty sure that wasn't pork..."

Hellurr!! Good Afternoont!

Mara is right. SO much happens in one week it feels like a month. Imma just get right to it. First language slip-up and probably the worst...You guys are gonna love this one. Last week I got a hair cut and we were at someones house for dinner and they said "You look like youve gotten skinnier" and I was trying to say "Oh it's cuz I just got a haircut" BUT instead I said "Oh it's cuz I just got circumcised." I really said that. Everyone was laughing. The difference is one letter!! Shoooot. hahaha

It's always an adventure walking through the streets. People saying "Hey! I like your nose! Gimme your eyes! Take off your ears." Weird. And sometimes there will be goats just comin out of nowhere. Just a herd of goats on the main highway. whaaat. And the other night I was sitting outside talking to this girl about the book of mormon and all of a sudden, a rooster lands on my head. flaaappin its wings. Freaked me out. Also, I'm 90% sure I ate dog on accident yesterday.

Anyway, tomorrow is my one month in the Philippines! Can ya believe it?? The language has definitely improved but I'm still really clueless a lot of the time...haha but I love the people more and more everyday. They are so giving. One night we had dinner and we were SO stuffed and when we went home, our landlord invited us into eat. and of course, we can't reject food because it's rude, so we went in and on the table, there was a GIANT whole pig on the table with rice and fish and drinks and I felt like crying forcing that food down my throat. Just try to imagine my face with every bite..haha

I'm so happy to have this gospel in my life, like Mara said. One of the less actives we're teaching, Jessica, came to church last sunday. It was the greatest feeling in the world. She seemed so happy. I'm constantly reminded of the goodness and power of God. We must always always remember him and what he has given us. Always be grateful for what you have. There's so many blessings in gratitude. Especially happiness. I'm so grateful for the experiences I'm having. The happiness that comes from knowing that Jesus Christ lives is incredible. The true gospel is on the earth again. The windows of heaven are open! Even though I don't know the language that well yet, as I'm speaking about the gospel, It's amazing to feel the Holy Ghost testify through me. SO awesome.

I have to go handwash my laundry now. Have an awesome week yallllz.

Elder Mahaffey