Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Banana Pancakes

Yall. I made banana, mango pancakes this week for breakfast and I had cold cow's milk from New Zealand. my goodness. too much. And then for dinner I cooked a vegetable, ham omelet. MM. better than the instant noodles and rice we've been having every day. My belt has gone down 3 hole sizes.. hahaha I'm really proud of myself for gettin creative now. I'm having withdrawals for Mom's bread. I miss it so much.

So this week, Elder Fudge got sick and it was my turn to take care of him. He mostly slept, but I cleaned the whole house and organized the shelves and updated the area book. I can't tell you how good it feels. (D&C 42:41) I feel like a new missionary! there's power in cleanliness, for real. And I'm happier too. So happy. So while Elder slept, I wrote and wrote and wrote so many letters. So be expecting one soon. haha pretty sure my hand has carpel tunnel (sp).

Man, I can't tell you how much I love these people. I feel a love I never thought was possible. I've never felt so close to the Savior and His life. People cuss at us and laugh but we just love em anyway. and the less-actives we're working with just open up and tell their problems and cry and their lives are so hard and I can tell they have so much pain but I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be the Lord's vessel and go into their homes and tell them that their burdens can be eased through Jesus Christ. The Lord visits his children in their afflictions!

I really experienced Ammon's praise, "In God's strength, I can do all things." I am constantly uplifted by his merciful hand above my own strength. I've seen the Gift of tongues in it's truest sense. I may have a hard time communicating in every day situations, but in a lesson, I know the Spirit communicates to them what God wants them to hear.

Yall its hapit na ang pasko almost christmas. get excited. I'm buying a christmas tree today. it's the saddest lookin tree but it's gonna be good. WOO! Youtube these christmas visayan songs: Kasadya ning taknaa, and maglipay ta. people go caroling already. i love it.

I love yallllllzzz! Live long and prosper

Love and aloha.
Elder Mahaffey
(alma 26:8)

ps excuse the nudity in the picture...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Merry Christmas!

(I forgot to post this on October 9)

How yall derin!

hahah ok so theyre already starting to celebrate Christmas here... people are setting up christmas trees and theyre playing music in the stores... fine by me!! hahaha Oh fam, I love you guys so much. I wish I could just show you little parts from everyday... this language i'm telling you... sometimes i get it and sometimes I dont at all. This is a conversation I had the other day (translated into english):

Pinoy: Elder, where are you from?
Pinoy: no...Elder, where are you from?
Pinoy: No, what's your nationality?
Me: Oh! I'm from the Philippines.

hahaha so that happens a lot... but its all good! somethin to laugh about! Interesting foods I ate this week: straight up fish heads, chicken blood soup, eel, 21-day old balut. YUM. I can just hear yall gaggin right now. ahaha interesting interesting foods and smells and people...oh some of the people. Yesterday I had a man come up to me and say he was Michael Jackson reincarnationed or something and he saw Superman in the sky. Also saw a guy diggin in the trash wearing a bra...yup.

Man, this was a hard week. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna collapse in the middle of the street. My whole body aches, and my head hurts from trying to speak and understand, but when we're sitting in a family's home testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel, it gives me new strength. I love prayer too. Sometimes I feel so down and alone but then Heavenly Father answers my prayers with tender mercies. This week we went up to a house and a guy came out and we taught him the first discussion and the spirit was there and he wants us to come back. He said "I think...I think your words are words of God." So cool.

In my scriptures this week I kept seeing the importance of the Atonement and agency. I just want to say to anyone reading, if I have ever offended you in anyway, I am so sorry. If there has every been a time that I have made you feel sad, I am truly sorry. I can't explain the profound effect that each person in my life has made. I love every one of you. and I'm sorry if I havent said that enough before!! And as far as agency, what an amazing gift we have! Men are free according to the flesh, and we have the opportunity to choose eternal life or captivity (2 Nephi 2:27-28), so let's all choose eternal life with each little decision we make and be happy forever! how bout it?? who's in? haha

We are so blessed, family. The heavens are open and we have prophets and apostles on the earth to guide us and teach us. There is a God and there is a Savior. I just wanna yell hallelujah. haha no matter how hard life gets, our heavenly father visits us in our afflictions. He weeps with us when we suffer and rejoices with us when we're living righteously. Glory to God.

With SO much love and alohas,

Elder Sumna Mahaffey

"Why youve not been buptised?!"

maaaayong buntag!

alright so im doin completely better. a miracle! everyone at church was like 'elder! youre too skinny now. you need to get fat.' ok..haha a family in my ward told me you were fasting for me and i almost started crying haha i love you all SO much. Heavenly Father has answered your prayers, because im healed both physically and spiritually. i feel like myself again! haha oh man i felt the love of our savior so much this week. i read president eyrings talk from last conference called 'Mountains to Climb' and i was just overwhelmed. i feel bad for elder fudge because i couldnt stop crying that morning. hahaha President Eyring said 'sometimes during times of trial, the clock seems to slow, but it's because ''out of their love for us, Heavenly father and jesus christ want us fit to live with them in families forever." we're just bein polished. i was overcome with a sense of peace and comfort. that was one example of how this gospel has brought me so much happiness and peace. Our father in heaven knows us and is aware of us and helps us through his servants.

Another thing that has kept me goin is a sense of humor. No matter how i butcher the language or trip and fall over every rock or gag because i don't know what kind of meat i'm eating, I just laugh so much at each situation. i love what elder nelson said "a sense of humor is an escape valve for the pressures of life.'' HALLELUJER AMEN. hahaha i love laughing and having a good time, and then when we go into a lesson, im happy and i can more fully feel the spirit.

yesterday, i sat down on a curb to rest because i was so exhausted and just said a prayer asking for strength, all of a sudden, one by one, kids started coming up to me and talking to me and soon i was surrounded by like 20 kids and they all sat cross legged around me like i was telling a story. i felt like santa claus...haha i told them about our church and about jesus christ and how families can be together forever.

i rejoice to testify that this gospel is true. i'm forever grateful that it's been revealed unto me countless times every day. I love the Lord and i know He loves us too. I love filipinos and their happiness. i want every single one of them to experience the happiness that comes from being a member of this church. i wanna yell ''why you have not been buptised??' like nacho libre. i'm grateful for trials and mountains to climb and I know everything heavenly Father does is for our happiness.

be strong and be happy yall.

word g-mun,

with love and aloha,

elder mahappy na

Horror Halloween Week

ok yall i dont have much to say this week because the ENTIRE week i was so sick. more sick than ive ever been in my life. i didnt eat one thing all week and probably lost like 12 pounds. sister schmutz thought i had denghue fever. i dont know if it was but i had all the symptoms... haha it was absolutely miserable. i wanted to get out and work so bad but i couldnt even stand up. one night i didnt even sleep. i was up from the moment they shut off the lights to the moment the alarm clock went off. i just sat on the dirty bathroom floor yesterday just praying and crying so hard. saying out loud 'please, please, please help me. i dont know what else to do.' well this morning i woke up and i felt so much better. man, i honestly dont know if i could take it one more day. shoot it was hard. but elder fudge helped me a lot-- he did my laundry and shined my shoes and ironed my shirts. the power of service yall!! serve always. he doesnt know how much it helped.

anyway, i love you all. sorry i dont have anything to tell you except how sick i was..hahaha i still love being a missionary and im SO excited to get back to work. happy halloween, fam. eat lots of candy!!

peace and good health,
elder mahaffey (still goin strong!)

Operation: Puppy Snatch

Kamusta yall yo yo shamlaladingdong--

Shoot i dont know where to start. Let me explain the title. There is a house we visit with a smalll pup real cute. The owner, 6 year old girl, is the devil and throws the pup against the wall and chokes it and kicks it. I cant stand it. I accidentally yelled "STOP!!"..oops. I got permission to save its life. I'm gonna steal it. 

Anyway, this week was crazy. one day I was at the lowest ive ever been, feeling so sad a depressed and praying more than I ever have and then the rest of the week the Lord just blessed me so much. One of the strongest manifestations of answered prayers. I felt happy, we had the spirit with us and we're having success. It has been kind of a drought but things are pickin up. The language yall. Still difficult gihapon pero definitely naay improvement. My slip up this week, trying to ask a little kid if he had a fever and I said "oh dong, are you crucified?" hahah I just laugh so hard at myself. Sometimes I feel like Kolipoki. 

This week I gave a talk in church. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU GAVE A SPEECH IN AN ASIAN LANGUAGE? haha It went really well. People were smiling SO big the whole time, probably cuz of my accent. Man, I can't tell you how important members are in missionary work. It's so cool to see people bear their testimony of this same gospel on the oppposite side of the world, and feel the same Spirit. I love that. I know I say it a lot but I love being a missionary! No matter how hard things get, Heavenly Father "never hides from his children." We may not get answers to prayers as soon as we want them, but they come. As I'm walking down the street, whole body aching feeling so sad, I gain even more appreciation for Jesus Christ and how he suffered every one of our pains and trials, so he would know "how to succor his children." He knows how it feels. Turn to Him and ask for strength. I promise He's there. I feel His pure love. 

I love yall. Stay strong and faithful. Believe in God. Believe in the Savior. kamo Have an awesome week,

Elder Mahaffey