Friday, November 9, 2012

Horror Halloween Week

ok yall i dont have much to say this week because the ENTIRE week i was so sick. more sick than ive ever been in my life. i didnt eat one thing all week and probably lost like 12 pounds. sister schmutz thought i had denghue fever. i dont know if it was but i had all the symptoms... haha it was absolutely miserable. i wanted to get out and work so bad but i couldnt even stand up. one night i didnt even sleep. i was up from the moment they shut off the lights to the moment the alarm clock went off. i just sat on the dirty bathroom floor yesterday just praying and crying so hard. saying out loud 'please, please, please help me. i dont know what else to do.' well this morning i woke up and i felt so much better. man, i honestly dont know if i could take it one more day. shoot it was hard. but elder fudge helped me a lot-- he did my laundry and shined my shoes and ironed my shirts. the power of service yall!! serve always. he doesnt know how much it helped.

anyway, i love you all. sorry i dont have anything to tell you except how sick i was..hahaha i still love being a missionary and im SO excited to get back to work. happy halloween, fam. eat lots of candy!!

peace and good health,
elder mahaffey (still goin strong!)

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