Friday, November 9, 2012

Merry Christmas!

(I forgot to post this on October 9)

How yall derin!

hahah ok so theyre already starting to celebrate Christmas here... people are setting up christmas trees and theyre playing music in the stores... fine by me!! hahaha Oh fam, I love you guys so much. I wish I could just show you little parts from everyday... this language i'm telling you... sometimes i get it and sometimes I dont at all. This is a conversation I had the other day (translated into english):

Pinoy: Elder, where are you from?
Pinoy: no...Elder, where are you from?
Pinoy: No, what's your nationality?
Me: Oh! I'm from the Philippines.

hahaha so that happens a lot... but its all good! somethin to laugh about! Interesting foods I ate this week: straight up fish heads, chicken blood soup, eel, 21-day old balut. YUM. I can just hear yall gaggin right now. ahaha interesting interesting foods and smells and people...oh some of the people. Yesterday I had a man come up to me and say he was Michael Jackson reincarnationed or something and he saw Superman in the sky. Also saw a guy diggin in the trash wearing a bra...yup.

Man, this was a hard week. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna collapse in the middle of the street. My whole body aches, and my head hurts from trying to speak and understand, but when we're sitting in a family's home testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel, it gives me new strength. I love prayer too. Sometimes I feel so down and alone but then Heavenly Father answers my prayers with tender mercies. This week we went up to a house and a guy came out and we taught him the first discussion and the spirit was there and he wants us to come back. He said "I think...I think your words are words of God." So cool.

In my scriptures this week I kept seeing the importance of the Atonement and agency. I just want to say to anyone reading, if I have ever offended you in anyway, I am so sorry. If there has every been a time that I have made you feel sad, I am truly sorry. I can't explain the profound effect that each person in my life has made. I love every one of you. and I'm sorry if I havent said that enough before!! And as far as agency, what an amazing gift we have! Men are free according to the flesh, and we have the opportunity to choose eternal life or captivity (2 Nephi 2:27-28), so let's all choose eternal life with each little decision we make and be happy forever! how bout it?? who's in? haha

We are so blessed, family. The heavens are open and we have prophets and apostles on the earth to guide us and teach us. There is a God and there is a Savior. I just wanna yell hallelujah. haha no matter how hard life gets, our heavenly father visits us in our afflictions. He weeps with us when we suffer and rejoices with us when we're living righteously. Glory to God.

With SO much love and alohas,

Elder Sumna Mahaffey

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