Friday, November 9, 2012

Operation: Puppy Snatch

Kamusta yall yo yo shamlaladingdong--

Shoot i dont know where to start. Let me explain the title. There is a house we visit with a smalll pup real cute. The owner, 6 year old girl, is the devil and throws the pup against the wall and chokes it and kicks it. I cant stand it. I accidentally yelled "STOP!!"..oops. I got permission to save its life. I'm gonna steal it. 

Anyway, this week was crazy. one day I was at the lowest ive ever been, feeling so sad a depressed and praying more than I ever have and then the rest of the week the Lord just blessed me so much. One of the strongest manifestations of answered prayers. I felt happy, we had the spirit with us and we're having success. It has been kind of a drought but things are pickin up. The language yall. Still difficult gihapon pero definitely naay improvement. My slip up this week, trying to ask a little kid if he had a fever and I said "oh dong, are you crucified?" hahah I just laugh so hard at myself. Sometimes I feel like Kolipoki. 

This week I gave a talk in church. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU GAVE A SPEECH IN AN ASIAN LANGUAGE? haha It went really well. People were smiling SO big the whole time, probably cuz of my accent. Man, I can't tell you how important members are in missionary work. It's so cool to see people bear their testimony of this same gospel on the oppposite side of the world, and feel the same Spirit. I love that. I know I say it a lot but I love being a missionary! No matter how hard things get, Heavenly Father "never hides from his children." We may not get answers to prayers as soon as we want them, but they come. As I'm walking down the street, whole body aching feeling so sad, I gain even more appreciation for Jesus Christ and how he suffered every one of our pains and trials, so he would know "how to succor his children." He knows how it feels. Turn to Him and ask for strength. I promise He's there. I feel His pure love. 

I love yall. Stay strong and faithful. Believe in God. Believe in the Savior. kamo Have an awesome week,

Elder Mahaffey

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