Friday, November 9, 2012

"Why youve not been buptised?!"

maaaayong buntag!

alright so im doin completely better. a miracle! everyone at church was like 'elder! youre too skinny now. you need to get fat.' ok..haha a family in my ward told me you were fasting for me and i almost started crying haha i love you all SO much. Heavenly Father has answered your prayers, because im healed both physically and spiritually. i feel like myself again! haha oh man i felt the love of our savior so much this week. i read president eyrings talk from last conference called 'Mountains to Climb' and i was just overwhelmed. i feel bad for elder fudge because i couldnt stop crying that morning. hahaha President Eyring said 'sometimes during times of trial, the clock seems to slow, but it's because ''out of their love for us, Heavenly father and jesus christ want us fit to live with them in families forever." we're just bein polished. i was overcome with a sense of peace and comfort. that was one example of how this gospel has brought me so much happiness and peace. Our father in heaven knows us and is aware of us and helps us through his servants.

Another thing that has kept me goin is a sense of humor. No matter how i butcher the language or trip and fall over every rock or gag because i don't know what kind of meat i'm eating, I just laugh so much at each situation. i love what elder nelson said "a sense of humor is an escape valve for the pressures of life.'' HALLELUJER AMEN. hahaha i love laughing and having a good time, and then when we go into a lesson, im happy and i can more fully feel the spirit.

yesterday, i sat down on a curb to rest because i was so exhausted and just said a prayer asking for strength, all of a sudden, one by one, kids started coming up to me and talking to me and soon i was surrounded by like 20 kids and they all sat cross legged around me like i was telling a story. i felt like santa claus...haha i told them about our church and about jesus christ and how families can be together forever.

i rejoice to testify that this gospel is true. i'm forever grateful that it's been revealed unto me countless times every day. I love the Lord and i know He loves us too. I love filipinos and their happiness. i want every single one of them to experience the happiness that comes from being a member of this church. i wanna yell ''why you have not been buptised??' like nacho libre. i'm grateful for trials and mountains to climb and I know everything heavenly Father does is for our happiness.

be strong and be happy yall.

word g-mun,

with love and aloha,

elder mahappy na

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