Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Betta Appreciate!!


Hahaha life. KINABUHI DEBA? I love it. So elderfudge was sick half this week again...half my journal entries are about cooking and cleanting...sup martha stewart. hahah im funny. anyway, it was obvious that i had been inside too long because one night i was sitting there reading some general conference talk for single parents and i heard fireworks outside. oh my holy. it was fantastic. i ran out on the porch and the whole sky was just filled with giant fireworks and i was smiling so big and it made me so happy. i just marveled like a little boy. hahaha

so we finally got back out to work and one day we were waiting for a trike and a beggar came up to me and played a little hand made instrument. so we're not supposed to give them money andijust looked the other way and i felt SO awkward. hahaha he was standing so close to me and i felt like Vallie when youre trying to give her food she doesnt want and her eyes are all shifty and awkward ahaha that was me.

So tomorrows thanksgiving. Man i miss America sometimes. hahaha anyway, they obviously dont celebrate it here but our neighbors have pet turkeys that walk around sometimes....all im sayin is watch yo turkeys...ANYWAY speaking of thanksgiving, being here in the philippines has made me realize some things that i should never take for granted. America is a blessed land. So i made a list of things we should always be grateful for:

1. Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves
2. Bacon, oreos, potato chips, ice cream, milk, eggs, BUTTER, ham, steak, real meat
3. Clean air.
4. Toilet paper
5. Grass/yards
6. Clean, cold, running water (our water got turned off this week, even though we paid the bill!)
7. Air conditioning.
8. Carpet, front door, a roof, a floor
9. hot showers. (the shower every morning takes my breath away its so cold)
10. Walmart
11. Mom's bread

the list goes on... but I'm so grateful for the trials i have now and how its increased my gratitude for small things like that. Be grateful for amurica!! Be grateful for family. I love our family so much. SO much. I love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. "God be thanked for the matchless gift of his divine Son" (the Living Christ). Let us all remember the words of Amulek and live in thanksgiving daily.(alma 34:38). Always pray and pour out your heart in gratitude for the mercy and goodness of our God.

Serve others. Show your gratitude by giving and sharing your blessings with others. "God watches over us and loves us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore, it is vital that we serve our fellowmen."

I love you all so so much! Be good and clean and strong. The holiday season "officially" starts tomorrow! Happy Turkey Thanksgiving day yalllllzzz!

Elder Mahaffey
(Psalms 69:30)

Ps- we got a Christmas tree!! lookin so gwapoooo fine.
pps- the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
ppps- transfers on friday!!! my new companion is a filipinoooo!!! WOOO

Melekaliki Maka

I feel like I'm at the part of a movie where everything is going so well and theres upbeat happy music playing and every day just runs together and there's no sense of time. this has been the best transfer and it's going by so fast!

Fun fact: Santa Claus here is Americano. the reason? because "no filipino could ever be that fat." mmk cool.

There are things that happen every day that I just laugh to myself and say "only in the philippines." Chickens walking into the room and disrupting the lesson, pickin up random goats, ...etc. The other day, a woman gave me some soap she made and said "Elder you have acne. use this soap." hahah so blunt.

The other day we got to do some service for the people in mindanao and load trucks with rice. It's so cool to see all the people coming together during the holiday season and donating so much. There were mountains of cans and clothes and rice.

Things are going so well in our area. One of the Less Actives we found in the middle of nowhere said that they "feel the difference" in their home after having the missionaries visit. I love that. I gotta tell you the power of kindness is something else. When you compliment people and make them feel good about themselves, their whole appearance changes and improves.

Happy and Merry Christmas season yall. please please remember the real meaning. God sent his Son to earth so that we could all return to him. Because of him, we can be truly happy. TUNGOD SA KAPASKOHAN read Alma 7:10-12. PAGLIPAY UG KWAN BA KWAN BITAW MERRY CHRISTMAS HOHOHO skype ya in 6 days!!!!

Love, eggnog and shrimp,
Elder Mahaffey

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lamanite Flintstones

Man it was a hard week. But I loved it. I read a conference talk that said there is something in each day to be appreciated. So since then, I've been pointing out the small, great moments. Like the insaane clouds and sunsets here, or sitting in the apartment after a long day and just hearing the distant dogs barking, or frank sinatra playing next door.

This week was really hard for me. There are a lot of moments I just want everything to pause so I can rest for 5 minutes. The Olayons (our investigators) faced a lot of adversity this week. They wont be baptized on the 22nd anymore. Thats hard. Theyre having a lot of doubts and confusions. It's sad. But we have had immense success with Less Actives. We contacted one family and they came to church and I wanted to give them a high five bc i was so happy.

I had a dream I forgot how to speak english. People were trying to talk to me and it was so frustrating because all that came out of my mouth was Bisaya... so thats cool.

people have begun caroling here...except its different. they stand outside the house and sing, but they beg for money. i dont like that.

Elder Manato is hilarious.

Yall this gospel is true. My testimony is strengthened every time i teach. I'm working real hard to bring people back into the fold. what a joy. I love you all. Merry Pasko Christmas season!! woooo! stay warm!...i know i will...

Love and hot cocoa,
Elda mahaffster

whoa. WHOA.

I feel like it's been a month in one week. First of all, we're all safe. The sun is shining outside. No storm. Thank you for your love, concern, prayers and fasting. It worked! Honestly I guess I was just a little oblivious to the seriousness of the storm comin in. The first thing I thought when I heard about it was "Pablo was my spanish name in highschool..." hahaha

Guys, miracles are happening here in Canduman. we got 2 new investigators and committed them to baptism yesterday. oh happy day. John and Jalel Olayon, it's this couple about 45 yrs old. John is missing half his head and is paralyzed on half his body but they are so prepared and so awesome and want to be baptized so I pretty much carried him to church on sunday. And I'll keep doing it until we get a wheel chair for him. OH im so happy. Theyre getting baptized on Dec 22! They're so innocent and recognize truth like little children (3 Nephi 11:37). Then this week we got like 15 new potential investigators, just talking to people on the street. like everyone. I feel like a new person. haha It feels like a new area. Elder Manato is so awesome. He's just relax and chill but so kakugi diligent. We've been working so hard, and the Lord is blessing us. I feel more confident now. Before, I was too careful trying not to offend people, but now I love looking people in the eye and just saying "I KNOW this church is true. This message can help you and your family." ingon ana. President Monson said "There's is aboslutely nothing else in the world that can bring so much comfort and happiness than gaining a testimony of the truth." BITAW! Amen. Even though I'm only 19 yrs old, I go into these homes and speak to 40 and 50 year olds and declare repentance and invite them to come unto Christ, come back to a different language. That's such a testimony that God is with us.

Yesterday all the elders told be to buy siopao and so I did and I bit into it and they all started screaming "cat!! Cat!" and giving each other high fives...I gave the rest to a beggar on the street. He probably needed it meow than me. Also, a little kid ran past us and yelled "AMERICANO UGLY FACE" k. thanks. hahaha

The language is awesome. It's definitely getting better now that I speak it with EM all day everyday. but the hard part is, my english is getting worse. We talked to a Joe (old white guy living in the philippines) on the street and I couldnt think in English. Hahah its the first time that's happened. So now i'm stuck in this language limbo, gray area where i cant completely speak cebuano or english..haha jokes its all good.

I love life. Family, friends, strangers, let the gospel become a part of you, let it change you into something better. Let yourself be happy. Record your life in a journal. Write in it today like youre gonna have amnesia tomorrow...haha

Love aloha and merry christmas season,

Elder Mahaffey

Monday, December 3, 2012


Yall i'm the happiest i've ever been on the mission. My companion is the absolute best in the world. Elder Manato!! My filipino brotha! honestly guys it was an answer to prayers. I love 'im!! HALLA! maybe i'm just racist towards americans... hahah Aight so he's from manila and we dont speak english but i love it. My head hurts so bad from speaking a different language all day but im learnin so much. He is so uplifting and always compliments me. Man! Sometimes Im so happy I wanna cry because I havent laughed so much in so long... haha also, he is so good with the people and they just open up to us now that we have a Filipino. so awesome. We're finding investigators and less actives left and right!

Lemme tell you, finding less actives here is like needles in a haystack. there are SO many. But using members is like using a giant magnet to find them. its so cool. And its amazing to see how the Lord places us in the right place at the right time. Last night we were eating dinner at a barbeque-han, (i had chicken intestines...YUM) and the owner comes up to us and says "ELDERS! I'm a member of your church!" she was less active but she told us where she lives and wants us to come visit them. HALLA

Basta, OMGOODNESS I SAW THE OCEAN. we did a community service project right on the beach picking up trash and there was a salty sea breeze AH reminded me of hawaii. Then people brought out fresh shrimp and mangoes and chicken and rice. holy canoli.

I love life. it's just a continuous adventure of progressing and becoming better. I heard this quote: "Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely." AINT DAT TRUE. Guys share your testimony always. Never underestimate the far reaching effects of your testimony. It's so great here. (although you know the hole in the ozone? it's comin from the philippines. nastay pollution!) but The people! so great. I love you all. be happy, take pictures and eat oreos.

With all the aloha in a Chocolate Haupia pie,

Elder Mahaffey