Monday, December 3, 2012


Yall i'm the happiest i've ever been on the mission. My companion is the absolute best in the world. Elder Manato!! My filipino brotha! honestly guys it was an answer to prayers. I love 'im!! HALLA! maybe i'm just racist towards americans... hahah Aight so he's from manila and we dont speak english but i love it. My head hurts so bad from speaking a different language all day but im learnin so much. He is so uplifting and always compliments me. Man! Sometimes Im so happy I wanna cry because I havent laughed so much in so long... haha also, he is so good with the people and they just open up to us now that we have a Filipino. so awesome. We're finding investigators and less actives left and right!

Lemme tell you, finding less actives here is like needles in a haystack. there are SO many. But using members is like using a giant magnet to find them. its so cool. And its amazing to see how the Lord places us in the right place at the right time. Last night we were eating dinner at a barbeque-han, (i had chicken intestines...YUM) and the owner comes up to us and says "ELDERS! I'm a member of your church!" she was less active but she told us where she lives and wants us to come visit them. HALLA

Basta, OMGOODNESS I SAW THE OCEAN. we did a community service project right on the beach picking up trash and there was a salty sea breeze AH reminded me of hawaii. Then people brought out fresh shrimp and mangoes and chicken and rice. holy canoli.

I love life. it's just a continuous adventure of progressing and becoming better. I heard this quote: "Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely." AINT DAT TRUE. Guys share your testimony always. Never underestimate the far reaching effects of your testimony. It's so great here. (although you know the hole in the ozone? it's comin from the philippines. nastay pollution!) but The people! so great. I love you all. be happy, take pictures and eat oreos.

With all the aloha in a Chocolate Haupia pie,

Elder Mahaffey

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