Friday, December 14, 2012

Lamanite Flintstones

Man it was a hard week. But I loved it. I read a conference talk that said there is something in each day to be appreciated. So since then, I've been pointing out the small, great moments. Like the insaane clouds and sunsets here, or sitting in the apartment after a long day and just hearing the distant dogs barking, or frank sinatra playing next door.

This week was really hard for me. There are a lot of moments I just want everything to pause so I can rest for 5 minutes. The Olayons (our investigators) faced a lot of adversity this week. They wont be baptized on the 22nd anymore. Thats hard. Theyre having a lot of doubts and confusions. It's sad. But we have had immense success with Less Actives. We contacted one family and they came to church and I wanted to give them a high five bc i was so happy.

I had a dream I forgot how to speak english. People were trying to talk to me and it was so frustrating because all that came out of my mouth was Bisaya... so thats cool.

people have begun caroling here...except its different. they stand outside the house and sing, but they beg for money. i dont like that.

Elder Manato is hilarious.

Yall this gospel is true. My testimony is strengthened every time i teach. I'm working real hard to bring people back into the fold. what a joy. I love you all. Merry Pasko Christmas season!! woooo! stay warm!...i know i will...

Love and hot cocoa,
Elda mahaffster

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  1. Hi Elder Mahaffey,

    We met somewhere. Just continue with what you are doing and make sure you write it down here, somebody's readin it. Im one of the investigators and yes im really investigating, so keep it up. I know your kinda homesick but its not time to go home yet. Im a native and I am encouraging you to go further! In Christ's strength you can do it!