Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Melekaliki Maka

I feel like I'm at the part of a movie where everything is going so well and theres upbeat happy music playing and every day just runs together and there's no sense of time. this has been the best transfer and it's going by so fast!

Fun fact: Santa Claus here is Americano. the reason? because "no filipino could ever be that fat." mmk cool.

There are things that happen every day that I just laugh to myself and say "only in the philippines." Chickens walking into the room and disrupting the lesson, pickin up random goats, ...etc. The other day, a woman gave me some soap she made and said "Elder you have acne. use this soap." hahah so blunt.

The other day we got to do some service for the people in mindanao and load trucks with rice. It's so cool to see all the people coming together during the holiday season and donating so much. There were mountains of cans and clothes and rice.

Things are going so well in our area. One of the Less Actives we found in the middle of nowhere said that they "feel the difference" in their home after having the missionaries visit. I love that. I gotta tell you the power of kindness is something else. When you compliment people and make them feel good about themselves, their whole appearance changes and improves.

Happy and Merry Christmas season yall. please please remember the real meaning. God sent his Son to earth so that we could all return to him. Because of him, we can be truly happy. TUNGOD SA KAPASKOHAN read Alma 7:10-12. PAGLIPAY UG KWAN BA KWAN BITAW MERRY CHRISTMAS HOHOHO skype ya in 6 days!!!!

Love, eggnog and shrimp,
Elder Mahaffey

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