Friday, December 14, 2012

whoa. WHOA.

I feel like it's been a month in one week. First of all, we're all safe. The sun is shining outside. No storm. Thank you for your love, concern, prayers and fasting. It worked! Honestly I guess I was just a little oblivious to the seriousness of the storm comin in. The first thing I thought when I heard about it was "Pablo was my spanish name in highschool..." hahaha

Guys, miracles are happening here in Canduman. we got 2 new investigators and committed them to baptism yesterday. oh happy day. John and Jalel Olayon, it's this couple about 45 yrs old. John is missing half his head and is paralyzed on half his body but they are so prepared and so awesome and want to be baptized so I pretty much carried him to church on sunday. And I'll keep doing it until we get a wheel chair for him. OH im so happy. Theyre getting baptized on Dec 22! They're so innocent and recognize truth like little children (3 Nephi 11:37). Then this week we got like 15 new potential investigators, just talking to people on the street. like everyone. I feel like a new person. haha It feels like a new area. Elder Manato is so awesome. He's just relax and chill but so kakugi diligent. We've been working so hard, and the Lord is blessing us. I feel more confident now. Before, I was too careful trying not to offend people, but now I love looking people in the eye and just saying "I KNOW this church is true. This message can help you and your family." ingon ana. President Monson said "There's is aboslutely nothing else in the world that can bring so much comfort and happiness than gaining a testimony of the truth." BITAW! Amen. Even though I'm only 19 yrs old, I go into these homes and speak to 40 and 50 year olds and declare repentance and invite them to come unto Christ, come back to a different language. That's such a testimony that God is with us.

Yesterday all the elders told be to buy siopao and so I did and I bit into it and they all started screaming "cat!! Cat!" and giving each other high fives...I gave the rest to a beggar on the street. He probably needed it meow than me. Also, a little kid ran past us and yelled "AMERICANO UGLY FACE" k. thanks. hahaha

The language is awesome. It's definitely getting better now that I speak it with EM all day everyday. but the hard part is, my english is getting worse. We talked to a Joe (old white guy living in the philippines) on the street and I couldnt think in English. Hahah its the first time that's happened. So now i'm stuck in this language limbo, gray area where i cant completely speak cebuano or english..haha jokes its all good.

I love life. Family, friends, strangers, let the gospel become a part of you, let it change you into something better. Let yourself be happy. Record your life in a journal. Write in it today like youre gonna have amnesia tomorrow...haha

Love aloha and merry christmas season,

Elder Mahaffey

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