Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Alright I love Lamac! More and more every day. It's unbelievable. Everybody knows each other and it's just a lil piece a paradise up in the mountains. Bliss

First of all, i got the Christmas package with the cassette and all your voices and i just cried and laughed. It was the best thing I ever got. I love you all so much. It made me feel so close to y'alls. Oh and I recorded back and its in the mail now. Sorry if it's boring. haha

So we had our first English class this week and it was a success. The missionary couple in Toledo printed off some worksheets for me and the class loved it. They learned a lot. theyre so smart. And of course, piano lessons is always interesting given that I dont know much about it myself, but it was fun and they want to invite all their friends.

This week I've seen a lot of small miracles. I pray fervently to be guided to people who need us. That prayer is answered! We've had a lot of amazing lessons with less actives. It's sad to hear their reasons for not going to church: "I have work on sunday...I'm too shy...I don't like wearing church clothes...I was doing laundry..." It's frustrating. The truth is so close and they sweep it under the rug. This isn't just another congregation to belong to, it's not just something to do on sunday if you dont have anything else to do...This Church is true and bring more happiness and blessings than they could imagine! There's no question. The question is, why aren't you going to church!! Why aren't you reading your scriptures? I feel for these people. I love them. We are working and praying so hard.

This week in personal study, I've been focused on grace and the enabling power of the Atonement. Time and time again I've been blessed with strength beyond my own. Sometimes when I go up and talk to people on the street, I'm surprised with myself and feel like I'm watching from a 3rd person perspective. That's the Lord working.

Anyway, life is good, Lamac is great, and the bananas are plenty. I'm working harder than ever and I feel just a burning desire to bring people closer to Christ. I love you so much!

Live long and prosper.

Elder Sum

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