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DECEMBER 26, 2012

Oh man. That was perfect talking to all of you yesterday. I loved it so much. Y'all is beautiful. I wish you could've seen all the people like crowding around the door when I was crying. They all made fun of me and called people to come look at me. OH WELL. Man I love my family so much. It was just so refreshing. I needed it.
Last night we went to dinner at a members house and they cooked all this American food to make me feel at home...I'm laughing thinking about it. I had three T-bone steaks, and a full rack of ribs and fried chicken, and macaroni. ahhhahaha my plate was just a pile of bones at the end, IM AN ANIMAL. It was so good. Oh speaking of animals, last week for the ward party, we roasted a whole pig. so legit. And at the christmas mission devotional, I played the ukulele and sang. kahadlok ui. kulbaan juuud. It was fun.
I just want to tell you all how much I love this Church. It's true. Simply put. Knowing God's plan gives me a greater appreciation for my life, my family, the people around me, this amazing earth. We're supposed to be happy. Everything God commands is so we can have joy through obedience. I testify that obedience brings happiness. I testify that this work is real. Our Savior, that Holy Child who was born for us, He lives!
I'm filled with so much love when I think of my family and even more when I think of the chance that we've been given to be together forever, because of Jesus Christ. It's true. What else matters?
Happy Christmas season everybody, and Happy New Year
Elder Mahaffey

 Singing "WHITE CHRISTMAS" with Tatay Guhuman 


Christmas Party - Pig Roast
Delicious HAM
Everytime I walk down the street, I get attacked by these
adorable creatures.

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