For real. I ate a cave bat. Hahaha!  It was like black, chewy meat and I couldn't eat the whole thing knowing it was bat...The woman was like "Elder, dont worry, it's clean. It came from the cave in the mountains."   (ony in the philippines...)
The other day we were in a lesson, a man comes to the door with a giant rooster in his hands, slams it on the ground and chops it head off without chirp. I literally gasped, and almost threw up.  (only in the philippines.)
Anyway! Man, I really do love this area. When I transferred here, President told me that I will come to love the people of Lamac so much that I wont be able to imagine life without them. It's true. They make me so happy. One night we had an FHE (Family Home Evening) with some members.  Everybody was laughing and yelling and I was just looking around at everybody smiling just thinking, "these people are awesome." (We also made chocolate chip cookies. We ate them with coconut milk. ahhh! Cookies and milk!)
English class is going great. The attendance tripled this week!! They're doing so good. We're working on pronunciation and practicing for future job interviews. It's so funny because filipinos always get their P's and F's mixed up and say "I'm looking por a pun fart-time job." hahaha
Something I noticed this week is that the trials before my mission helped me prepare to help people here going through different trials. I can empathize and see their point of view and then use the spirit to help them overcome.
It's sad to see people reject the gospel, honestly so hard because I know how much it would help their lives and their families and jobs, but some people are just stubborn! (because of the "hardness of their hearts" and "traditions of their fathers.")  I pray more than ever these days. On the other hand, it's always so refreshing to see a less active come back to church. THE BEST!
On sunday I gave a talk about "every member a missionary" and since then, we've had 4 referrals from members. Golden! Things are lookin up! I'm lookin up!
I love yall. I love ya so much. I talk about my family in lots of our lessons. I testify of the happiness that comes from a gospel-centered family. Real, lasting happiness. Have a great week yall and share our message of hope and joy.

Elder Mahapppy



                                            SOMEONE TIED THEIR DOG TO A TREE


My Grandpa Murdock made this teliedescope and sent it for Christmas. 
I carry it everywhere with me and it is a child magnet!

(They have never heard of them before)

It's not the Ritz, but it's home for now!

This is my bathroom... (don't let mom see these)!