Wednesday, January 16, 2013


JANUARY 8, 2013

HAHAHA holy moly my second area is jurassic park. I'm in Lamac, the most isolated area in the mission. HAHA so transfer day we got to toledo city and we had to take a motorcycle ride to our area because no cars go up there. I had to lug my suitcases on my lap for an hour long drive through windy roads and canyons. so we finally get there...literally a smallll town in the middle of nowhere. but it is absolutely amazing. the mountains surrounding and the rice fields and the stars at night. during the day, you can see a giant waterfall up in the mtns. apparently that's where we do baptisms because theres no font.
First night here, my companion, Elder Saet (filipino from manila) said "be careful, there's rats and they bite." completely serious. then we saw it run across the table, he grabbed a stick and smashed it but it squeaked and fell off trying to run away....this part is rated R: then he doused it with alcohol and BURNED it...! I laughed so nervously hard.  I guess that's the way they do it here in the mountains!  Apparently that was the baby. I saw the mom once on the cieling beams..I'm not kidding...I thought it was a cat!  It was so big. Rats Of Unusual Size, no?
Our apartment is cement, tin roof, no floor. the water is brown but Elder Saet promises that it's clean so we'll see what happens.
First day, I taught piano lessons. I taught her how to play heart and soul...Mmk. And apparently I'm the branch organist now. hahaha it sounded like a 5 year old playing.One handed, messin up every note... I AINT HIDIN MY TALENTS.The ward is awesome. I absolutely love these people. Next week i'm starting an English class, the whole town is excited.
Working is so much fun, we have to jump rivers to get to some members houses. And some people live like an hour hike away. I'm just soakin it all in. It's a difficult adjustment but I know I'll grow. I feel the influence of the Lord so much in my life. I feel like this is a big turning point, just the trials I'm experiencing and the feelings I'm feeling--I know it's gonna be good. Alma 26:27-31.
I love you all. I love life. I love my trials...or at least trying to. Peace and Aloha to all and to all a Filipino smile.
Elder Mahaffey

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