Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Ain't Savin No Rats!!

Our apartment was unusually crowded with critters this week. We've gotten good at extermination hahaha can you imagine? ive gone crazy. Elder Manasala said my next area "will probably be a mental hospital." mmk thanks.

i love the people. One woman this week said "elder, you dont seem like an american, you seem pinoy. Youve adopted the filipino culture. youre very kind and giving." I love that she said that.

So there was a funeral in town this week. the funerals here are so different, its more of a celebration that you "moved on" and its a huge party and everyones laughing and joking and playing cards all around the casket. Very strange. the service lasts 9 days and one night there was almost a hundred people so we got plan of salvation pamphlets and passed them out and talked with people about life after death. sweet experience, i was so pumped.

This week we had such an awesome experience with prayer. One day after getting punted from every appointment, I didnt know what else to do and so we stepped aside in a grove of banana trees and prayed and asked Heavenly Father to guide us. And that He did. We ended up getting lost but everybody we met we talked to and invited. This one woman working in her garden saw us and got very excited and said "follow me!" so we went back to her house and she pulled out a Book of Mormon, she was a former investigator just in the middle of nowhere, but we shared with her about prayer and invited her to really sincerely "talk to God" and she prayed and cried so hard and wants us to come back. It was so refreshing to see someone take us seriously. And take prayer seriously. It wasnt a coincidence that we got lost. Heavenly Father heard our prayer and led us to her through the Spirit.

Man I have some really up days and some really down days, but I'm so grateful for the miracles that are happening. The work is difficult in a small devout catholic town in the mountains, but all is well. I'm grateful to be engaged in such a good cause. And i'm grateful for YOU and i love you. I hope you all have a week full of hope and giving hope to others.

All my aloha,
Elder Mahaffey

Liars Go to Heck

Dear Everybody,

How yall doin!! Man, parenthood is hard. haha training is a little difficult but i love it. My "son's" name is Elder Manansala from Luzon, and he's completely tagalog. but he's really smart and he's already speaking bisaya like better than me. Let's just say, he reminds me of my 7 year old self.....nuff said. haahaaha but he's real funny and very hardworking which is refreshing. The other day he was singing and i said "wow elder you have a great voice" and he stops and gasps and says "don't say that. Liars go to hell." haha and he always says "mahaffey, you are bery weird"...at least he's getting to know me.

Other than that, things are going well. I did have a very rough first couple of days leading everything but i'm doing a better and Lamac hasnt gone down in flames yet. Haaaha. The work has been a lot more fulfilling and happy. It was raining SO hard yesterday cuz apparently a baguio is coming and I was like "Let's go to work." and so we went out and got drenched and there was no one outside but we had fun and did some good. We declarin independence from the weather!! (george durrant)

You know something else i learned? Even though it's hard to bring people to repentance, i've realized that if you show your love for them, it's much easier. "perfect love casteth out all fear." (1 John 4:18) With one man in our branch thats having some problems, we just sat him down and explained to him that we have to put off the natural man and become saints through the Atonement of Jesus Christ (mosiah 3:19). We were preaching repentance with love. It was a really big learning point in my mission. Mara said "If you really love people, it wont matter what you say to correct them because they know that you love them." We can apply that in all of our lives. And in order to help others, we have to get ourselves up and running first.

So do some good yall. the more you look for ways to make others happy, the happier you will be. 'happiness is like bread -- it's best when it's homemade." ya hear me?! I like that. i like yall. yall good peoplez. have an awesome weekz. I LOVE YOU

racially confused,
Elder Mahaffey

It's a Boy!

HAHAHA IM TRAINING. I'm havin a kid! oh man I'm so scared and excited. hahah i just keep laughing. I just saw president schmutz in the office and he said "congratulations elder youre training!" and all I could say was "PSHH haAHAhaH..kkchhh...AHAHA....YEAH..." hahah nahhh im chill its cool. so he gets here on Friday so I don't know who it is til then. 3 months LEGGO!

This week was awesome. Last P-day we went to a beach for a district activity. it was unreal. we played sand volleyball and barbequed. so sweet. good to be back at the beach.

Also, we had two baptisms on saturday!! childs of record whats up... hahah it was sad because their dads didnt come because they had work so I had to do it. but we went to this waterfall to baptize because there's no font up there. there were like 20 people that were swimming that got out and watched. So cool.

Best part of the week? on sunday our attendance reached 106!! huuuge success for Lamac. the branch seems happier and closer, which we've been working really hard on. sweeet. I love the members and the people here. theyre just overall friendly. libbin up in the mountains of the philippines.

So elder saet is done with his mission...he left yesterday but on monday he went to get his haircut and all the barbers started talking about religion, so I stood at the front of the barbershop like preaching to 15+ people and they were asking me questions and they would throw a scripture at me and I wasnt even scurrred and I just responded and there were catholics and muslims and other religions all up in there. it was a sweet experience, and I KNOW i couldntve done it without heavenly help, you know?

I love my life! I love my calling. I'm humbled to have this experience to help people draw closer to their Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know they live.

I love yall. thanks for ALL the letters. i read them over and over. YALLZ is the best.

be good, be strong, be YOU

all my love,
elder mahaffey

PS- what do you get if you put 2 mahaffey's together? A MA-WHOLE-Y hahahahah k bye


Success in Lamac!! guess what?? 15 less-actives came back to church this week. And fasting testimony meeting at that. it was like magic! (but i know it was more than that) I love seeing people taking leaps of faith to keep the commandments. The branch attendance has increased and people seem happier. (also, one of my piano students played the piano in sacrament meeting!!) THAT's what i'm talking about.

I've learned a lot this week. We went on exchanges yesterday and it's crazy the difference a companion can make. We were doing so many street contacting. You know it's funny, i think there are rumors going around about us, because when people see us coming they SPRINT the other way and hide. like everywhere we go. it kinda hurts but you just gotta laugh and keep goin. so the other day we saw a group of friends running away so we stopped them and talked with them and we were real and they were laughin and they said "i thought you guys were different..like priests. but youre normal.." hahaha then we invited them and soon they were asking questions like "what's priesthood? what is the temple for?" and they said they'll come to church.

Also, I learned that I'm the happiest when I work the absolute hardest. imagine that... haha the work becomes more fun when youre just contacting everyone you see and using the spirit. I look forward to teaching lessons now.

Honestly, it all comes down to Jesus Christ. or I guess I should say "up." I gotta put Him first before Sumner. "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). I sincerely care and love the people in Lamac. I pray for them like they're family. I pray to God to pour out His blessings on them.

Things are going better. I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I love you all so much. I pray for each of you individually. Take care amping amping ayoooo

all my love,
elder mahappy

Monday, February 4, 2013

I must obey. Amen.

Hi family!

Oh I'm livin the dream. this has got to be the best area in the mission. the people, the views, the fresh breeze. We hiked to Odlom falls and it was incredible. it was like a vacation but here it is right in my town.

I don't have a lot to say today, but English class is going well. It is so funny to hear them speak english because it's such a rural area and they dont know it as well. One time my back pinched and I hunched over like an old man and one kid says "elder! Your spine is not confident..." hahaha bless thur heart. 

We're working very hard with the branch right now. There are a lot of less actives that have been offended and not coming to church because they dont want to see so-and-so. I'm trying really hard to help them and strengthen them. One of the biggest things I've learned is that I NEED to trust the Lord. I can't afford to be disobedient, because I need the companionship of the spirit. 

Elder Saet is going home in less than 2 weeks. His work here is almost done and he's doin good. It's weird but time and time again I'm blown away by how fast time goes. I love you all, I hope ya know!

I know Jesus Christ lives. He's real. He restored His Church to the earth through Joseph Smith, His prophet. I am so grateful to be a missionary. Sometimes I look down and see my name tag and I just think "I'm on a mission, a representative and disciple of Christ. So cool"

Have a great week, yo

Elder Sumna