Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Ain't Savin No Rats!!

Our apartment was unusually crowded with critters this week. We've gotten good at extermination hahaha can you imagine? ive gone crazy. Elder Manasala said my next area "will probably be a mental hospital." mmk thanks.

i love the people. One woman this week said "elder, you dont seem like an american, you seem pinoy. Youve adopted the filipino culture. youre very kind and giving." I love that she said that.

So there was a funeral in town this week. the funerals here are so different, its more of a celebration that you "moved on" and its a huge party and everyones laughing and joking and playing cards all around the casket. Very strange. the service lasts 9 days and one night there was almost a hundred people so we got plan of salvation pamphlets and passed them out and talked with people about life after death. sweet experience, i was so pumped.

This week we had such an awesome experience with prayer. One day after getting punted from every appointment, I didnt know what else to do and so we stepped aside in a grove of banana trees and prayed and asked Heavenly Father to guide us. And that He did. We ended up getting lost but everybody we met we talked to and invited. This one woman working in her garden saw us and got very excited and said "follow me!" so we went back to her house and she pulled out a Book of Mormon, she was a former investigator just in the middle of nowhere, but we shared with her about prayer and invited her to really sincerely "talk to God" and she prayed and cried so hard and wants us to come back. It was so refreshing to see someone take us seriously. And take prayer seriously. It wasnt a coincidence that we got lost. Heavenly Father heard our prayer and led us to her through the Spirit.

Man I have some really up days and some really down days, but I'm so grateful for the miracles that are happening. The work is difficult in a small devout catholic town in the mountains, but all is well. I'm grateful to be engaged in such a good cause. And i'm grateful for YOU and i love you. I hope you all have a week full of hope and giving hope to others.

All my aloha,
Elder Mahaffey

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