Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's a Boy!

HAHAHA IM TRAINING. I'm havin a kid! oh man I'm so scared and excited. hahah i just keep laughing. I just saw president schmutz in the office and he said "congratulations elder youre training!" and all I could say was "PSHH haAHAhaH..kkchhh...AHAHA....YEAH..." hahah nahhh im chill its cool. so he gets here on Friday so I don't know who it is til then. 3 months LEGGO!

This week was awesome. Last P-day we went to a beach for a district activity. it was unreal. we played sand volleyball and barbequed. so sweet. good to be back at the beach.

Also, we had two baptisms on saturday!! childs of record whats up... hahah it was sad because their dads didnt come because they had work so I had to do it. but we went to this waterfall to baptize because there's no font up there. there were like 20 people that were swimming that got out and watched. So cool.

Best part of the week? on sunday our attendance reached 106!! huuuge success for Lamac. the branch seems happier and closer, which we've been working really hard on. sweeet. I love the members and the people here. theyre just overall friendly. libbin up in the mountains of the philippines.

So elder saet is done with his mission...he left yesterday but on monday he went to get his haircut and all the barbers started talking about religion, so I stood at the front of the barbershop like preaching to 15+ people and they were asking me questions and they would throw a scripture at me and I wasnt even scurrred and I just responded and there were catholics and muslims and other religions all up in there. it was a sweet experience, and I KNOW i couldntve done it without heavenly help, you know?

I love my life! I love my calling. I'm humbled to have this experience to help people draw closer to their Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. I know they live.

I love yall. thanks for ALL the letters. i read them over and over. YALLZ is the best.

be good, be strong, be YOU

all my love,
elder mahaffey

PS- what do you get if you put 2 mahaffey's together? A MA-WHOLE-Y hahahahah k bye

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