Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Liars Go to Heck

Dear Everybody,

How yall doin!! Man, parenthood is hard. haha training is a little difficult but i love it. My "son's" name is Elder Manansala from Luzon, and he's completely tagalog. but he's really smart and he's already speaking bisaya like better than me. Let's just say, he reminds me of my 7 year old self.....nuff said. haahaaha but he's real funny and very hardworking which is refreshing. The other day he was singing and i said "wow elder you have a great voice" and he stops and gasps and says "don't say that. Liars go to hell." haha and he always says "mahaffey, you are bery weird"...at least he's getting to know me.

Other than that, things are going well. I did have a very rough first couple of days leading everything but i'm doing a better and Lamac hasnt gone down in flames yet. Haaaha. The work has been a lot more fulfilling and happy. It was raining SO hard yesterday cuz apparently a baguio is coming and I was like "Let's go to work." and so we went out and got drenched and there was no one outside but we had fun and did some good. We declarin independence from the weather!! (george durrant)

You know something else i learned? Even though it's hard to bring people to repentance, i've realized that if you show your love for them, it's much easier. "perfect love casteth out all fear." (1 John 4:18) With one man in our branch thats having some problems, we just sat him down and explained to him that we have to put off the natural man and become saints through the Atonement of Jesus Christ (mosiah 3:19). We were preaching repentance with love. It was a really big learning point in my mission. Mara said "If you really love people, it wont matter what you say to correct them because they know that you love them." We can apply that in all of our lives. And in order to help others, we have to get ourselves up and running first.

So do some good yall. the more you look for ways to make others happy, the happier you will be. 'happiness is like bread -- it's best when it's homemade." ya hear me?! I like that. i like yall. yall good peoplez. have an awesome weekz. I LOVE YOU

racially confused,
Elder Mahaffey

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