Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Success in Lamac!! guess what?? 15 less-actives came back to church this week. And fasting testimony meeting at that. it was like magic! (but i know it was more than that) I love seeing people taking leaps of faith to keep the commandments. The branch attendance has increased and people seem happier. (also, one of my piano students played the piano in sacrament meeting!!) THAT's what i'm talking about.

I've learned a lot this week. We went on exchanges yesterday and it's crazy the difference a companion can make. We were doing so many street contacting. You know it's funny, i think there are rumors going around about us, because when people see us coming they SPRINT the other way and hide. like everywhere we go. it kinda hurts but you just gotta laugh and keep goin. so the other day we saw a group of friends running away so we stopped them and talked with them and we were real and they were laughin and they said "i thought you guys were different..like priests. but youre normal.." hahaha then we invited them and soon they were asking questions like "what's priesthood? what is the temple for?" and they said they'll come to church.

Also, I learned that I'm the happiest when I work the absolute hardest. imagine that... haha the work becomes more fun when youre just contacting everyone you see and using the spirit. I look forward to teaching lessons now.

Honestly, it all comes down to Jesus Christ. or I guess I should say "up." I gotta put Him first before Sumner. "He must increase, but I must decrease" (John 3:30). I sincerely care and love the people in Lamac. I pray for them like they're family. I pray to God to pour out His blessings on them.

Things are going better. I'm grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. I love you all so much. I pray for each of you individually. Take care amping amping ayoooo

all my love,
elder mahappy

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