Friday, March 8, 2013

Be Excellent to Each Other

Dear Family,

Yes, it was another difficult week. You're probably getting tired of hearing that haha but it was a good week too. Elder Manansala is having a lot of breathing problems and has to take medicine and inhalers and nebulizers. I feel so bad for him but he works so hard anyway. It's taught me a lot.

I'm learning a lot about families. I'm learning about strengths and weaknesses and wayward children and parents. Honestly, the only thing that provides a strong foundation for real happiness in the family is the Gospel. The branch has a lot of family problems. I got up in testimony meeting and I said "stop fighting. stop talking bad about each other. stop it. please appreciate your families. hug your children, hug your wives. show your love to them." every house we teach at, ive been telling them to HUG each other. Respect your mother. I would give anything to hug my parents right now. stuff like that. its such a different culture. the kids are too shy to hug their parents...they think its awkward. how sad is that? Man I miss you guys. keep huggin each other for me.

This week we taught a less-active, Marife, who just had a baby and her non-member husband, Jade, and sitting there cross-legged in their bamboo home with only candles to light the room, we explained to them that accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ would be the absolute best thing they could do for their 3-day old baby Marife was holding. The spirit was so strong and we invited Brother Jade to be baptized and he accepted.

"Consider the profound service a mother and father gives in the quiet anonymity of a worthy Latter-day saint home" They are 'no less servicable' than the greatest parents and prophets of the scriptures (alma 48:19). I love my family, and I am eternally grateful for our parents, my sistahs. be excellent to each other always. So go forth and love!

all my love and aloha,
elder mahaffey

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