Thursday, March 21, 2013

Man's Extremity

Man guys... it was an interesting week. Strange experiences, but everything's good. I've just seen the power of the priesthood really at work.

The coolest thing though is the effect of the scriptures on the families here. So last week, we started visiting members and really encouraging them to read their scriptures, and it's really made a difference. They seem excited to do family scripture reading now. There's less fighting, I've noticed. I'm just overwhelmed seeing the blessings of living a Christ-centered life. It's so distinct, it's undeniable. SO read your scriptures!! it's literally protection and armor.

Lamac is so rural, you'd laugh. I love it though. And this week we've found new investigators in the most random places. It's cool to see how the Lord works and how he uses us to do His work. One thing i've learned this week is that even in the most trying, difficult miserable times, we can be happy and find peace in keeping the commandments. "Man's extremity is God's opportunity" so God's having a lot of opportunity with me...haha I love it. I glory in my trials! Keep your eye on the prize (mosiah 4:27)!

Well, i'm doing good yall. happy, well-fed. keep it real!! have a nindot kaau week.

all my love
elder sumna

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