Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"AY salaaamat."

ok. ok. OK. first of all, I'm beaming at the emails and pictures yall sent me. Mabolo is of course doing awesome. I feel like the possibilities are endless. We talk with evvveryone and it's so cool to hear their life stories and we've gotten so many return appointments. God is real, and Christ lives! Even though the city is REALLY hot, and we spend some days just walking and sweating getting punted from every appointment, we enjoy it so much. I heard a quote: "God makes even the most mundane things exciting and fun." Amen.

We led the zone with "number of less-actives returning to church for the first time." One after one they walked into the chapel and I wanted to give them high fives we were so happy. I was just amazed at their leap of faith and commitment to keep their covenants. Surely the word of God has a more powerful effect than anything else. We could laugh and joke and be warm fuzzy friends, but that wouldn't do a thing for them. That aint what I'm here for. It's the pure, simple, true doctrine that touches their hearts and helps them change. Also, our investigator Vilma came to church and is set for May 25th as a baptism date.

We found many less-active members this week. Monico hasn't been to church for almost a year because of work but he really wants to go to church, and after talking with him, we found out his boss is a member in Utah and he could probably get his schedule changed. On top of that, he introduced us to his non-member girlfriend, Carmel, who is so prepared to recieve the gospel. She said, "The thing about the Mormons that I really like is that you follow your rules. You don't drink or smoke or wear inappropriate clothing. Other churches teach it but the members dont follow it. But you do. That tells me that you really believe what you teach." And in her prayer, she told God that she wants to become a member of "this true LDS church." Then, Monico introduced us to his cousin, Shen, who used to be skeptical of the church but after listening to a discussion is now very interested. Me and Elder Warner are so grateful. Our jaws are dropped half the time.

AH i love this work. haha i echo mara's words. Mara welcome home this week! I love you all, family, friends, and animals. Take care and take pictures.

elder mahaffey


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