Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Better Angels (April 17)

Well I'm transferring. It was such a shock and came out of nowhere, but there are health problems and elder manansala is going to manila. i feel bad but he seems pretty excited about it. I'm transferring from the most rural area in the mission, to the most city part of the mission... I'm torn. I'm excited but very very sad to leave Lamac. It has become my home! Time is up and time to move on though.

You know I've been thinking A LOT lately. It's interesting to see how my smallests interests and thoughts have changed. I look back exactly one year from now and my concerns were like "Should I go to the beach or study today?" or "Ugh why is no one texting me?" hahaha but now my thoughts are like "what kind of punishment must be affixed to bring a remorse of conscience to these people?" hahaha deeeeep. I like that change and growth.

I feel happy for the members who are making progress and seeing blessings but i feel sad for those who give so easily into temptation. It reminds me of a quote by Abe Lincoln: "we must live in accord with the better angels of our nature." I love that! We can be assured that every right choice will make us happier. Never ever hesitate to resist temptation.

Time and time again i'm overwhelmed by the beauty of this country. On monday, we traveled to the city taking a winding, bumpy route through the mountains I'd never taken before. I felt like a tourist, stuffed in a tiny van, straaining my neck to look out the window to see the canyons and jungle and tiny villages in the middle of nowhere. I was smiling so big and probably looked crazy but i was just so grateful to be here.

Um general conference was amazing. My favorite talks were Elder Cook's about peace and Elder Cardens. and so much more. Refreshing for real.

So go on and live life and love and serve and let the Spirit guide you every moment of everyday. I testify this Church is true and the living Christ directs it. Live according to the better angel of your nature. All my love and aloha to everyone of you,

Elder Mahaffey

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