Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Concrete Jungle (April 24)

Dear people,

Mabolo is amazing. and I'm staying for a whole transfer! Haha you should have seen me when I got to the city. I was like a caveman that had never seen civilization. I suffered another culture shock coming from Lamac just thinking "whoa... everyone's so rich." We've eaten out like every night and the food is incredible. also, we met an indian man (I love indians) that has a dairy and sells fresh cows milk so we bought oreos and milk. YEH HAha I had no idea what I was missing. And it just got better when we went to church. It was so organized and everyone was speaking English to us and we had all our meetings. Then so many members want to help with our missionary work, I'm just not used to it.

Guess what. We have investigators. haaaaallelujah. We taught sister Vilma yesterday and I asked her if she knew if the Church was true and she teared up and said "yes. It's true. I've received a witness in my heart." And my stomach dropped hahaha, because thats the first time on my mission ive heard an investigator say that. She wants to be baptized and only has to get her marriage papers finished. And then we have 2 other investigators Junior and Gege. Brother and sister, so ready to receive the gospel.

On monday, one of the members from Lamac called me and said she was in the hospital and needed a blessing, so we ran over and walked into this sick ward, just a giant room with sick coughing people on metal beds, so humid and hot and sad. We went to a janitors closet, and gave her a Priesthood blessing that she would have a quick recovery and be able to return to her family and always remember the Lord and his Priesthood. I thought of the lyrics "we'll go to the poor like our Captain of old, visit the sick and weary" and felt to grateful to be a servant of Jesus Christ.

Mara, I love you so much. on your last two weeks. You have been a beacon to me. I love the differences in our missions, but the unity of our purpose. Bringing people unto Christ! Everyone can do that every day, search for those around you that need it and lift their feeble arms. Take them higher.

I love you all!
elder sumna

Ps theres a man in our neighborhood who has a Bengal tiger. and he walks it like a dog.

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