Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Take Time to be Holy (April 10)


Man, things are good and everythin but the philippines is tough yall! the pride and gossiping just destroooys people. it totally drives away the spirit. there are so many members finding faults in others. sorry it's just hard. dont let one bit of pride slip in the door.

I learn constantly from other peoples lives. We need to really "take time to be holy." like a lotta time. let it sink in, you know? Our zone is really focusing on the leaders and making sure theyre strong. that's just what this mission's like. We're helping "re-convert" the members. We're re-teaching all the lessons and it's crazy to see how much people don't know... but that's what we're here for. I feel blessed to be serving under the leaders I have and blessed to know how strong the members are in our home ward.

well. that's it. we're gonna get this country up and runnin. I love how perfect the Church is. It is a perfect organization. DAPAT LANG KAY SIMBAHAN SYA SA GINOO MISMO DEBA. What a light it is in such dark and confused world (john 8:12). I rejoice in the successes of missionaries in other countries around the world, especially my sista mara, i love the miracles. i love our family and our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for us. so excited to watch conference this weekend.

amping-amping yall. take care.

love and aloha,
elder sum

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