Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Grass is Green (April 2)

You know I always hear people complaining about life and saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" problems, but this week it hit me-- maybe we just need to take better care of the grass on our own side! Pull some weeds, fertilize it, mow the lawn, you know? Make it better. Stop comparing and appreciate what you have. AMEN

This week was up and down as usual. haha Easter was...interesting. Here, the catholics have Semana Santa or Holy week and for 3 days, theres no work and ironically they get drunk and gamble and act out the crucifixion and have parades. honestly...I saw people crucifying themselves and whipping people to remember Jesus... it made me sick. Like mara said, I love that we focus on the Atonement and his resurrection more than His death.

Other than that, work was good. The members are catching on and reading their scriptures every day! We ask all the families if they've noticed a difference since they started everyday and they all say theres no more fighting, they dont get mad easily, the home is peaceful. I'm so grateful for the scriptures and for "the joy of human love-- brother, sister, parent, child." You know? life's good!

Funny experiences...This week the couples missionaries (Elder and Sister Dover--love them) worked with us and we were walking to our next appointment and a NAKED man comes running out of the jungle like singing. hahahah sister dover's reaction was so funny, she was so embarrassed "oh...ohh..thats a...he doesnt have clothes...oh my.." ahahah poor thing. only in the philippines.

also, we were teaching an old woman about jesus and his teachings and this is the conversation:

Me: Sister if someone did something mean to you, what would you do?
Nanay: I'd get 'em back! revenge!! throw a rock!
Me: Jesus taught us that it's not "tooth for a tooth." we must love our enemies and forgive everyone.
Nanay: That's true. I can't get revenge cuz I only got 3 teeth anyway!!

hahaha i laughed so hard. i love these people. they keep me young!! hahah anyway i love and miss you all. take care and remember always "salvation is a family affair." lets help each other get to Heaven!

elder majaffy

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