Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Promised Land!

I'm getting transferred to Negros!! I'm moving to another island tomorrow morning! It's an emergency transfer so i only had a 2 days notice. It's bittersweet cuz Negros is awesome, its called the "Promised Land" but I've loved Mabolo so much. I dont think you know. 

I wish you could meet these people I work with and teach every day: Brother Syke and his bald head and wide smile and talking a thousand miles per hour, old man Brother Jovel with his crazy eye and mumbling under his breath (nicest guy), Sister Delia always speaking english dancing and laughing, Sister Tessie preaching repentance to everyone and their dog on the streets as we walk, Brother Macasero always feeding us snacks. Everyone! I love them so much. Imma miss them!

Carmel is so platinum. After her baptism, she got kicked out of her house, and had a really hard time. but immediately, the ward took her under their wings and she now lives with all active members. And she knows exactly where those blessing came from.

We have a baptism this saturday, Glen Marinduque (i wont be here..). He's from a family we've been teaching, SO awesome. they've all come back to church. Shout out to the Marinduque fam, i know you read the blog! hahaha amping sa inyong tanan mingawon baya tamu!! family scripture study hah?!!

Last week, Elder Ardern of the seventy came to Cebu. He was so so awesome, just receiving revelation every moment. He talked all about making our scripture study more deep and fulfilling. He's from NZ, shout out to Pa. This week, the mission is officially splitting so it's a big historical time in Cebu. Well, I gotta go pack...

Love life and love your Savior. He has "graven us upon His hands" (1 nephi 21:16), I'm grateful for that everyday.

elder mahaffey. (be "haffey" always)

Baptism! (May 28, 2013)

We had a fantastic, memorable week, with our first baptism. Carmel Montecalvo is really elect, and we are blessed to know her and to teach her. She and Monico have so many questions and they mark every scripture we share and take notes while we teach. The baptismal service was perfect, and SO many ward members came to support her. Some Less-actives even came to witness and I think it was good to have them in the church again and "rekindle" those feelings that they felt before (And as a result, 2 of them came to back to church the next day). Carmel gave an awesome testimony at the conclude of the service saying, "I know that through this baptism, it is only the beginning and I have come back to my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ."

Last week, Carmel worked with us and bore her testimony to one investigator, Joy. On sunday, Joy came to church! She watched Carmel get confirmed a member of the church and came up to me afterward and said "Elder, I love being here. You were right when you said if I came to church, I'd feel happy." We were able to go do a Community Service Project at the compound where Joy lives, yesterday, and her husband was really impressed and actually came out to talk to us (awesome opportunity for Building relationship trust).

This week we noticed that some people with broken lives just flock to the word of God. In one lesson with a Less-active family, one daughter went out and brought back a few people and said "Come sit down, let's listen and get our lives in order" and then they just listened intently as if soaking in everything we said. We explain to people that while God tries to builds us up, Satan is trying to "antithetically parallel" his pattern by tearing us down -- little by little. But through obedience to all God's commandments, we are lifted and experience true happiness. Aint that nice? haha I feel like I've been receiving so much personal revelation lately, it's the best.
How's everyone feeling? Happy? I hope so. PLease study your scriptures. You're the best!
Love and aloha,
Elder mahaffey

Lions, Tigers, and BAPTISM (May 22, 2013)

OK this week me and elder warner went for a run in the morning and found that bengal tiger I was talking about. Turns out, the owner has 6 tigers and 6 lions, so we got to pet them and everything. So sweet...

Better news, we got permission to move Carmel's baptism date to May 25...this saturday!!! She was so excited. we were too... hahaha she and Monico worked with us this week and it was absolutely perfect. She bore testimony to our other investigators and brought the Spirit so much. She also went to the temple complex to do family history work, then while at the temple, she met sister missionaries and got excited and now wants to serve a mission!! and Monico does too! what a miracle. A baptism and a rescued less-active.

So Mabolo is doing awesome. I love it and I begged President for another transfer because we have so much to do...hahaha anyway, hope everyones doing well, I love you all so much. 

love and aloha,
elder sum

Gold! (May 8, 2013)

Let me just say, this has been the best week of work of my mission so far. Our investigator, Carmel, committed to baptism this week and she was so excited to say yes. Then we committed Monico (the less-active) to prepare himself to baptize her and he said yes. They both cried. They are so golden. gold everywhere! haha I love them! And even more when they showed up to church. 

Sunday was incredible. We were fasting for like 26 hours (oops) but it was so worth it when 10 less-actives came back to church for the first time and 3 investigators. Miracles. Vilma our other investigator is almost done with her marriage papers so she can get baptized soon too. 

Oh i'm so exhausted. But it's that satisfying "we-worked-so-hard" kinda exhaustion. Haha I love it. I love Elda Warner. We have such a great time and invite everybody we meet. [hahaha yesterday we went to teach a less-active and we asked if there was anyone that would want to join and so we went to every house in the neighborhood and invited them to join the lesson and we carried like 20 chairs and benches and all sat in a circle while we taught.] It's only the 2nd week of the transfer and already so many miracles and success. The members here are so involved with the missionary work and SO good at fellowshipping. wahhh awesome.

Love you guys, WELCOME HOME MARA

love elder mahaffey

Friday, June 21, 2013



Let me tell you some of the miracles that happened:

A couple weeks back, I was looking in the area book under "former investigators" from the past 5 years, but there was just one that stood out to me, Rutchie Sinoy, 24 years old, with the address "Tudtud St." So we've been looking for her for almost a month. Last week, I had such a strong feeling to go try again. So we went, asked around to everybody, and FOUND Rutchie! She quickly invited us in with a big smile and we taught and she cried and said that it's been 3 years since the missionaries came and she's been praying that we would come and reading the Book of Mormon to 'help her through the hard times'. And turns out, her only day-off is Sunday. She then committed to baptism and said, "wow the Lord must care about me to send you to me again!" You bet He does!! how fantastic is that? 

Then, another investigator, Joy, told us she had a dream that she was reading the Book of Mormon and realized that it was true and came from God... We hadn't even taught the Book of Mormon yet!! but she read about it in the pamphlets and she's like "So I think the Bible was written by prophets in Ancient Israel and the Book of Mormon was written by prophets in Ancient America?" and we're like... " get it." 

Next day, we were getting rejected by all these people and we stopped and I thought about a man we met last week on the street and I was trying to imagine his face and name again and it just popped into my head. Then I turned to Elder Cantago and said "what about that Michael guy?" I'm not kidding, one second later, he rode by on a bike and I just yelled out "MICHAEL!" and he stopped and looked so surprised (elder Cantago did too) and invited us to come into his house (which we just happened to be standing in front of) and teach him and his sister. Guys, that wasn't a coincidence. If I hadn't thought of his face, I wouldn't have recognized him riding by. Turns out, his late father was a Mormon too and they used to go to church with him, but after he died, they stopped. I love that! The Lord is opening doors!!

Also, one of our Less-actives came back to church for the first time yesterday. Jerry Pabroa. He's so nice but I thought it would be a while til he came back. Sitting in sacrament, I looked around, I was surrounded by those former Less Actives who have taken that step of faith to come back unto Christ, despite the shyness and embarrassment. Their faces get brighter and they're smiling more. More confident in the presence of God. Isn't that the greatest feeling

Funny experience: we were invited to go to a lunch at the church and when we got  there, it was a circus...literally with clowns and magicians. We felt uncomfortable so we left right after we ate, but during the meal, the magician was making doves and rabbits appear and then yelled "DONT BELIEVE IN MAGIC, BELIEVE IN THE ALMIGHTY ALLPOWERFUL GOD" and then he looked at us like for approval. hahahaha 

Well that's it folks. I love you. I miss you.

elder sumna mahaffey


Let me just tell you, the mission has implemented a new rule: English tracting. We're looking for 'potential church leaders' and we have to go to areas with houses and knock on doors and speak to them only English. So we started that this week....HAHAHA i wish you guys could see it. Probably my new favorite thing.

My new companion, Elder Cantago from Cagayan de Oro, speaks very little English, so I do all the talking, and to be honest, I've gotten creative. We'll pick the biggggest houses and the owner comes out and I panic and I'm like "Excuse the... architect of this house?" hahah yes, that's an inspired question. But it gets them talking and then we introduce ourselves and then I say "WOW, your English is really good." and they get flattered. Anyway, it's really cool and I love the new challenge and I love how true our message is, no matter what language. Hahah we tried getting into a giant condominium building, but the guards stopped us and said "what are you doing?" and I was like "We're tracting!" ahaha like they would know. 

ANYWAY that's life right now. We have an investigator from India named Sri, he comes to church every week and he wants to get baptized next month! So cool. 

AIGHT I love you all! bye

love Elder Mahaffey