Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baptism! (May 28, 2013)

We had a fantastic, memorable week, with our first baptism. Carmel Montecalvo is really elect, and we are blessed to know her and to teach her. She and Monico have so many questions and they mark every scripture we share and take notes while we teach. The baptismal service was perfect, and SO many ward members came to support her. Some Less-actives even came to witness and I think it was good to have them in the church again and "rekindle" those feelings that they felt before (And as a result, 2 of them came to back to church the next day). Carmel gave an awesome testimony at the conclude of the service saying, "I know that through this baptism, it is only the beginning and I have come back to my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ."

Last week, Carmel worked with us and bore her testimony to one investigator, Joy. On sunday, Joy came to church! She watched Carmel get confirmed a member of the church and came up to me afterward and said "Elder, I love being here. You were right when you said if I came to church, I'd feel happy." We were able to go do a Community Service Project at the compound where Joy lives, yesterday, and her husband was really impressed and actually came out to talk to us (awesome opportunity for Building relationship trust).

This week we noticed that some people with broken lives just flock to the word of God. In one lesson with a Less-active family, one daughter went out and brought back a few people and said "Come sit down, let's listen and get our lives in order" and then they just listened intently as if soaking in everything we said. We explain to people that while God tries to builds us up, Satan is trying to "antithetically parallel" his pattern by tearing us down -- little by little. But through obedience to all God's commandments, we are lifted and experience true happiness. Aint that nice? haha I feel like I've been receiving so much personal revelation lately, it's the best.
How's everyone feeling? Happy? I hope so. PLease study your scriptures. You're the best!
Love and aloha,
Elder mahaffey

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