Friday, June 21, 2013



Let me tell you some of the miracles that happened:

A couple weeks back, I was looking in the area book under "former investigators" from the past 5 years, but there was just one that stood out to me, Rutchie Sinoy, 24 years old, with the address "Tudtud St." So we've been looking for her for almost a month. Last week, I had such a strong feeling to go try again. So we went, asked around to everybody, and FOUND Rutchie! She quickly invited us in with a big smile and we taught and she cried and said that it's been 3 years since the missionaries came and she's been praying that we would come and reading the Book of Mormon to 'help her through the hard times'. And turns out, her only day-off is Sunday. She then committed to baptism and said, "wow the Lord must care about me to send you to me again!" You bet He does!! how fantastic is that? 

Then, another investigator, Joy, told us she had a dream that she was reading the Book of Mormon and realized that it was true and came from God... We hadn't even taught the Book of Mormon yet!! but she read about it in the pamphlets and she's like "So I think the Bible was written by prophets in Ancient Israel and the Book of Mormon was written by prophets in Ancient America?" and we're like... " get it." 

Next day, we were getting rejected by all these people and we stopped and I thought about a man we met last week on the street and I was trying to imagine his face and name again and it just popped into my head. Then I turned to Elder Cantago and said "what about that Michael guy?" I'm not kidding, one second later, he rode by on a bike and I just yelled out "MICHAEL!" and he stopped and looked so surprised (elder Cantago did too) and invited us to come into his house (which we just happened to be standing in front of) and teach him and his sister. Guys, that wasn't a coincidence. If I hadn't thought of his face, I wouldn't have recognized him riding by. Turns out, his late father was a Mormon too and they used to go to church with him, but after he died, they stopped. I love that! The Lord is opening doors!!

Also, one of our Less-actives came back to church for the first time yesterday. Jerry Pabroa. He's so nice but I thought it would be a while til he came back. Sitting in sacrament, I looked around, I was surrounded by those former Less Actives who have taken that step of faith to come back unto Christ, despite the shyness and embarrassment. Their faces get brighter and they're smiling more. More confident in the presence of God. Isn't that the greatest feeling

Funny experience: we were invited to go to a lunch at the church and when we got  there, it was a circus...literally with clowns and magicians. We felt uncomfortable so we left right after we ate, but during the meal, the magician was making doves and rabbits appear and then yelled "DONT BELIEVE IN MAGIC, BELIEVE IN THE ALMIGHTY ALLPOWERFUL GOD" and then he looked at us like for approval. hahahaha 

Well that's it folks. I love you. I miss you.

elder sumna mahaffey

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