Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Promised Land!

I'm getting transferred to Negros!! I'm moving to another island tomorrow morning! It's an emergency transfer so i only had a 2 days notice. It's bittersweet cuz Negros is awesome, its called the "Promised Land" but I've loved Mabolo so much. I dont think you know. 

I wish you could meet these people I work with and teach every day: Brother Syke and his bald head and wide smile and talking a thousand miles per hour, old man Brother Jovel with his crazy eye and mumbling under his breath (nicest guy), Sister Delia always speaking english dancing and laughing, Sister Tessie preaching repentance to everyone and their dog on the streets as we walk, Brother Macasero always feeding us snacks. Everyone! I love them so much. Imma miss them!

Carmel is so platinum. After her baptism, she got kicked out of her house, and had a really hard time. but immediately, the ward took her under their wings and she now lives with all active members. And she knows exactly where those blessing came from.

We have a baptism this saturday, Glen Marinduque (i wont be here..). He's from a family we've been teaching, SO awesome. they've all come back to church. Shout out to the Marinduque fam, i know you read the blog! hahaha amping sa inyong tanan mingawon baya tamu!! family scripture study hah?!!

Last week, Elder Ardern of the seventy came to Cebu. He was so so awesome, just receiving revelation every moment. He talked all about making our scripture study more deep and fulfilling. He's from NZ, shout out to Pa. This week, the mission is officially splitting so it's a big historical time in Cebu. Well, I gotta go pack...

Love life and love your Savior. He has "graven us upon His hands" (1 nephi 21:16), I'm grateful for that everyday.

elder mahaffey. (be "haffey" always)

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