Friday, June 21, 2013


Let me just tell you, the mission has implemented a new rule: English tracting. We're looking for 'potential church leaders' and we have to go to areas with houses and knock on doors and speak to them only English. So we started that this week....HAHAHA i wish you guys could see it. Probably my new favorite thing.

My new companion, Elder Cantago from Cagayan de Oro, speaks very little English, so I do all the talking, and to be honest, I've gotten creative. We'll pick the biggggest houses and the owner comes out and I panic and I'm like "Excuse the... architect of this house?" hahah yes, that's an inspired question. But it gets them talking and then we introduce ourselves and then I say "WOW, your English is really good." and they get flattered. Anyway, it's really cool and I love the new challenge and I love how true our message is, no matter what language. Hahah we tried getting into a giant condominium building, but the guards stopped us and said "what are you doing?" and I was like "We're tracting!" ahaha like they would know. 

ANYWAY that's life right now. We have an investigator from India named Sri, he comes to church every week and he wants to get baptized next month! So cool. 

AIGHT I love you all! bye

love Elder Mahaffey

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