Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hi fam!
We had a pretty...good week! There were trials and difficulties and disappointments but all is well! We're still going strong. On Sunday, only a couple investigators came to church of all the ones we've been teaching, but I trust Heavenly Father's timing. I've learned a lot about faith and we can't lose hope just because a couple bumps in the road. Hold on to the faith you got and run with it. 
The members in the branch have noticed a big difference in the area and I think it's getting them excited to help with the missionary work. It's fun to see. Our investigator Joseph is doing awesome. He really recognizes that this is the only Church with the right and true authority. He's like "there's nothing missing! It's all complete. It's the same exact church Christ built." He'll be baptized next week!
My comp is awesome. We sing for all our investigators and while riding on tricycles. Pretty sure the entire municipality of Zambo now knows the song "I am a child of God".. unfortunately, Elder Metusela is transferring back to Cebu!! My new comp is Elder Harris from California and I'm the new District leader of Bayawan zone. Crazy things happenin! I'm excited for this new transfer, and for good things to come. 
I love y'alls.  I heard a quote this week that made me think of our fam:
"There is nothing so noble as to travel and make friends" --Mohammed Ibd Aruk
So Hope on, journey on! Love life, love God.


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