Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's crazy it's already been a week. We work to exhaustion every day and we have fun doing it. Especially tracting.

We've tracted the biiiggest houses. We feel like we're on the TV show, The Buried life, because we're doing the most insane things, pushin' all fear behind us. One day we stood outside the gates not knowing what to expect, the guards let us in, and then the owner sees us and kicks us out and sends his dogs on us. rude... Needless to say, that was not a Filipino. Filipinos are much kinder about their rejection. We also tracted a small resort and the owners let us in and listened to us and they were like "come back anytime! swim in our pools and relax! no charge!" hahaha maybe in couple years! Then we met another man who works for United Nations and he had all his maids get us snacks and drinks...treat us like celebrities. We were speaking all in English and using all these big words; "wow sir! Gary is a great name for you because you're so gregarious! was that deliberate?!" haha. We have a lot of fun with that.  Confidence can get you places.

We have had a ton of successes in finding investigators this week. One woman let us in and said "Oh you're Mormons??" and she runs and gets her daughter's backpack and pulls out a Book of Mormon and said "I make her take this to school every day!" Haha, but she didn't know what it was, someone just gave it to her. So we explained it was a record of prophets in ancient America and reading it would bring her closer to God than anything else. We asked if we could come back and she was like "well of course you can! if I'm lookin' for the truth, who says you don't have it?"  Those are just a few of the awesome experiences.
We are postponing Joseph's baptism date 'til August so he can get over Word of Wisdom problems, but he's still excited and trying hard. please pray for him! He's trying hard!
We're doing good here in Zambo. of course it's disappointing when people wont even give us the time of day. One man saw us walking up the street and he runs inside yelling, "NO! no! no! I have enough! I don't need anymore! I'm content with my religion!!" I immediately thought of 2 Nephi's sad, knowing how much the gospel could bless them and make them happy, and it's right here for their taking.
Well, I gotta go. Take care!
elder sumna!


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