Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"You need Jesus."

Dear Fam,

The move to the new island was great. I was talking to everybody on the boats on my way here. Taught the first lesson to a Baptist preacher. Met a lot of cool people. One girl from Denmark traveling the world by herself, a gold-hunter from San Fransico. It was so cool telling them about the Church and just being friendly. My life is so cool!

Ok Negros (Oriental). It's one of the best places on the planet earth. We live right by the beach (mom and dad, I can hear the waves) and all the roads are sand and the people here are so nice. They speak a different form of Bisaya with new words, so I'm still getting used to it but I love it. They have like a tone when they talk, it sounds like theyre singing. haha my area is Zamboanguita, it's huge area-- rural/beachy/mountain/ricefields (google it!) and the members are amazing. The attendance at church is small, about 50, but I have such high hopes and faith for this area.

My companion is Elder Metusela. Samoan from australia. yeeeeah. (I can hear the mahaffey fam cheering). He has the best voice I've ever heard, honestly its incredible. like famous-person-good. I'm follow-up training him, He's about 3 months in so he's still learning the language but he's got a testimony as big as he is. SO funny, I laugh so hard. Last night, we were at a bakeshop ordering and a crazy old toothless man hobbled up to us and was chuckling at us and Elder Metusela looks at him and said "Ooo brotha, you need Jesus." hahaha I died.

Many miracles have happened already. The other day, we were tracting houses along the beach (literally walking on the sand) and found awesome return appointments. Then we kept walking for like an hour up into the mountains talking to everyone, and then we realized we were lost and VERY far from home and we hadn't seen a motor for a while, so we said a prayer and said "Please send us a motorcycle." within 2 minutes, a motor came driving by and stopped. (prayer answered) This woman told us that 10 years ago, she rented to a foreigner woman that was a Mormon and she went on and on about how kind she was and she remembered all her kids! That shows the influence we have as members. The power of kindness reaches far, even into the jungle mountains of Zamboanguita. haha we must always always be kind. Ok? 

So things are so good! I'm looking forward to this area and the miracles and meeting the people. I love you, you are all beautiful.

love, aloha and negros,
Elder mahaffey

From Cebu to Zamboanguita

Central Park in Zamboanguita

LDS Church in Zamboanguita

Road in Zamboanguita

 Sumner's Area

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