Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transferring (August 27)

Well well well. Another week. I've officially lived in the Philippines for a year! This email's gonna be quick, I'm kinda rushed because...I'm TRANSFERRING back to Cebu city. ahh I can't explain my love for Negros. It's hard to leave, but if there's anywhere I wanna go, it's Cebu City.

This week was crazy because we were running all over the place, working in different areas and preparing for a baptism. Joseph will be baptized on Saturday!! He met President and President looked at him and said "Joseph, I have a feeling you will be a missionary" and Joesph just beamed and nodded. He got over his smoking so he could be baptized and confirmed and he is so ready and excited. We also set a baptism date for the Estavillo family, next month! I'm sad I wont be here, but so happy for them. Leaving Zambo is tough, I've loved this area; the mountains, the ocean, the beaches, but most of all, the members. What incredible Saints. I've realized that on my mission, I've gotten closest with the people that we've helped the most. It's the best part of life, seeing people change and repent and feel true gospel happiness again.

Until next time. Gotta go catch a boat!

Elder Mahaffey

The Estivillo Family

Our District all made jerseys!

The Missionary Boys are Coming (August 20)

Five words: The Estavillos came to church. Oh happy day. They walked in and the WHOLE ward ran to greet them at the door. haha they were like celebrities, just walking through a crowd of outstretched hands, "Hi! Hi! hello! welcome to church! come sit come sit!" They put a whole new meaning on fellowshipping. They really enjoyed church and said they will come back. That was the highlight of the week. Every time we go to their house, the kids run to the door and sing "the missionary boys are coming...." hahaha. Please pray for them. We've prayed and fasted so much this week.

Other than that, I just realized again how much I love Filipinos. They are honestly the best people in the world. Just the nicest. Sometimes we get frustrated with people rejecting us, but I've been focusing just on the good, and it takes on a whole new perspective. Sometimes in life, when we're constantly around the same people every day all week, we start to notice their weaknesses and flaws, but how much better would the world be if we only pointed out each other's strengths and virtues, ya know? Try that out. makes life better.

Well, I'm hungry. Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

elder mahaffey

It's Rainin' Investigators! (August 13)

Speakin of rain, it has rained every day this week. I've realized that every storm is called a "typhoon" here...even if it's a little rain. hahah aint no typhoons gonna stop the work! Something funny about filipinos: they absolutely haaaate getting wet. like cats. if it's raining, every single person on the street has an umbrella or hat on. If you get wet, you're supposed to take a shower immediately or else you'll get a bad fever. filipino filosofies. so we must look crazy out on the streets completely drenched with a big smile everywhere we go.

Our investigators are making great progress. Joseph is back on track and hasnt had one cigarette this week!! I love seeing the Book of Mormon's role in people's conversion. "There is a power in the book of mormon which will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of it." That goes for anyone!

Also, to anyone reading this, if Mormon missionaries ever approach you, please accept them. let them in your home, i promise only good can come of it.

This is a great work. I love the philippines. I love the rain. I love the sun. I love the ocean. I love the fresh fish caught this morning. "it's the good life to be free"

Heavenly Peace, love of God and grace,
elder mahaffey

Apo Adventure and More (August 7)

Imagine this:

Taking a boat to the small, tropical Apo island and stepping onto the beach barefoot, with my shoes and socks in another hand. The water is crystal cleeeeear blue. Put my socks and shoes back on and walk down a path into a small village, little filipino squint-smiles greeting you "Welcome to Apo!" and waving and little kids running to the windows of their school-classroom to say hello, a man playing the ukulele, let's me borrow it, I play and sing and a group of 20 kids gathers around us, we go on our way and meet new people, nicest on earth, walking through a clean little jungle village with vines hanging down, white cement houses and white sand beaches, introducing ourselves and teaching the gospel.

That's what i did today. All before noon. on a p-day. hahah we traveled to apo island, we were there for only an hour but we found 2 members of the Church there at different parts of the island, taught a lesson about the Restoration to a small family in the jungle and introduced ourselves to lots of people already know i took pictures. Guys, you shouldve seen the water there!! And the people were amazing. I want to go back. The restored gospel is going forth to "every isle of the sea"

Other than that, we have had a very successful week! We have found and taught a lot of awesome investigators. Our family, the Estavillos have been progressing great and we're so excited for them. Miracles are happening here. Thank you for your prayers! hope you all are happy kaayo sa tanan. i love ya lots

elder mahaffey

Laborers In The Vineyard (July 30)

Hellurrr! Good mornting!

This week I went to cebu for District Leader Conference. Traveling is so much fun, but exhausting. It was interesting to be back in Cebu and hearing the difference in language and everything. The workshop President gave was amazing, about the gift of the Holy Ghost. and how it's essential for salvation. Baptism without the receipt of the Holy Ghost does not bring a remission of sins. It is the Holy Spirit that sanctifies us from our sins... President schmutz said "The purpose of life is to bring together those times of sanctification and that can only happen if we feel the presence of the spirit in our lives." I like that a lot.

So this week we only had one full day in our area, bc I was traveling the whole time, so on sunday we just went to work and I told the youth, "I dont think we're going to do splits today bc me and elder have a lot of work to catch up on." so we went on and then an hour later on the other side of town, we ran into the youth and they were TRACTING and FTE'ing and contacting just knocking on doors hahah and saying 'hello we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...etc" and they gave us so many referrals. What faithful Saints!! I was so shocked. It was so cool to see the members' love for the Lord, working right along side us in the vineyard.

They are a great example. Sometimes I wonder if people ever see us and wonder what could possibly motivate us to walk day and night looking to share this message, if not the truth. I encouraged you to share your simple testimony of this Gospel. You dont have to knock on doors, but just invite people to partake of dis happiness!

Ok see you lata. love you all. bye


elder mahaffey