Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apo Adventure and More (August 7)

Imagine this:

Taking a boat to the small, tropical Apo island and stepping onto the beach barefoot, with my shoes and socks in another hand. The water is crystal cleeeeear blue. Put my socks and shoes back on and walk down a path into a small village, little filipino squint-smiles greeting you "Welcome to Apo!" and waving and little kids running to the windows of their school-classroom to say hello, a man playing the ukulele, let's me borrow it, I play and sing and a group of 20 kids gathers around us, we go on our way and meet new people, nicest on earth, walking through a clean little jungle village with vines hanging down, white cement houses and white sand beaches, introducing ourselves and teaching the gospel.

That's what i did today. All before noon. on a p-day. hahah we traveled to apo island, we were there for only an hour but we found 2 members of the Church there at different parts of the island, taught a lesson about the Restoration to a small family in the jungle and introduced ourselves to lots of people already know i took pictures. Guys, you shouldve seen the water there!! And the people were amazing. I want to go back. The restored gospel is going forth to "every isle of the sea"

Other than that, we have had a very successful week! We have found and taught a lot of awesome investigators. Our family, the Estavillos have been progressing great and we're so excited for them. Miracles are happening here. Thank you for your prayers! hope you all are happy kaayo sa tanan. i love ya lots

elder mahaffey

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