Thursday, August 29, 2013

Laborers In The Vineyard (July 30)

Hellurrr! Good mornting!

This week I went to cebu for District Leader Conference. Traveling is so much fun, but exhausting. It was interesting to be back in Cebu and hearing the difference in language and everything. The workshop President gave was amazing, about the gift of the Holy Ghost. and how it's essential for salvation. Baptism without the receipt of the Holy Ghost does not bring a remission of sins. It is the Holy Spirit that sanctifies us from our sins... President schmutz said "The purpose of life is to bring together those times of sanctification and that can only happen if we feel the presence of the spirit in our lives." I like that a lot.

So this week we only had one full day in our area, bc I was traveling the whole time, so on sunday we just went to work and I told the youth, "I dont think we're going to do splits today bc me and elder have a lot of work to catch up on." so we went on and then an hour later on the other side of town, we ran into the youth and they were TRACTING and FTE'ing and contacting just knocking on doors hahah and saying 'hello we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...etc" and they gave us so many referrals. What faithful Saints!! I was so shocked. It was so cool to see the members' love for the Lord, working right along side us in the vineyard.

They are a great example. Sometimes I wonder if people ever see us and wonder what could possibly motivate us to walk day and night looking to share this message, if not the truth. I encouraged you to share your simple testimony of this Gospel. You dont have to knock on doors, but just invite people to partake of dis happiness!

Ok see you lata. love you all. bye


elder mahaffey

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