Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Missionary Boys are Coming (August 20)

Five words: The Estavillos came to church. Oh happy day. They walked in and the WHOLE ward ran to greet them at the door. haha they were like celebrities, just walking through a crowd of outstretched hands, "Hi! Hi! hello! welcome to church! come sit come sit!" They put a whole new meaning on fellowshipping. They really enjoyed church and said they will come back. That was the highlight of the week. Every time we go to their house, the kids run to the door and sing "the missionary boys are coming...." hahaha. Please pray for them. We've prayed and fasted so much this week.

Other than that, I just realized again how much I love Filipinos. They are honestly the best people in the world. Just the nicest. Sometimes we get frustrated with people rejecting us, but I've been focusing just on the good, and it takes on a whole new perspective. Sometimes in life, when we're constantly around the same people every day all week, we start to notice their weaknesses and flaws, but how much better would the world be if we only pointed out each other's strengths and virtues, ya know? Try that out. makes life better.

Well, I'm hungry. Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!

elder mahaffey

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