Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transferring (August 27)

Well well well. Another week. I've officially lived in the Philippines for a year! This email's gonna be quick, I'm kinda rushed because...I'm TRANSFERRING back to Cebu city. ahh I can't explain my love for Negros. It's hard to leave, but if there's anywhere I wanna go, it's Cebu City.

This week was crazy because we were running all over the place, working in different areas and preparing for a baptism. Joseph will be baptized on Saturday!! He met President and President looked at him and said "Joseph, I have a feeling you will be a missionary" and Joesph just beamed and nodded. He got over his smoking so he could be baptized and confirmed and he is so ready and excited. We also set a baptism date for the Estavillo family, next month! I'm sad I wont be here, but so happy for them. Leaving Zambo is tough, I've loved this area; the mountains, the ocean, the beaches, but most of all, the members. What incredible Saints. I've realized that on my mission, I've gotten closest with the people that we've helped the most. It's the best part of life, seeing people change and repent and feel true gospel happiness again.

Until next time. Gotta go catch a boat!

Elder Mahaffey

The Estivillo Family

Our District all made jerseys!

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