Thursday, September 19, 2013

There's No One Here!!

Oh goodness, I wish you could just see a glimpse of my life here in Apas. So we have verrry few members since the area got split, but we're tryin' to change that! We go door-knocking every day. That's the part I wish you could see. Hahaha oh man, so here, every big house has a big gate and this is how it usually goes:

*ring doorbell*...we hear sandals coming towards the gate...a little peek-hole opens abruptly and we see a big eye...
Them: WHAT?
Us: Hey! how you doin?! wow, you have a beautiful home!... We're missionaries and we'd like to share an awesome message that can bless yo--
Us: Well what about you?
*nervous awkward silence, eye looks around*...Peek-hole slams shut...person runs back inside.

Hahaha that's hard. It hurts. Especially mid-noon-hot-sweltering-philippine weather, I'm sunburnt. BUT where one person slams the door on our face, the Lord seriously opens another. We have had so much success and referrals come out of random places. All of our investigators right now are so elect. I wish I could tell you each individual story. AH, people are awesome and I love this restored living gospel. Also, I have the best companion in the mission. The Lord blesses all of us with our efforts. Even though it's hard sometimes, it's those elect people that make it all worth it. Because of them, I'd do all the hard trials all over again a thousand times. 

love y'all,
elder mahaffey

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