Thursday, October 3, 2013


It's already been a week? That was probably the fastest week of my life. Haha so we finished up the Peace Walk which was a huge success. We taught thousands of people and got tons of referrals. Because of the festival, our temple tour attendance tripled! It was amazing. We met so many elect people and I talked with other religions and priests and presidents and mayors.
One day I stopped a man in the plaza and had a ten minute conversation with Spanish! He was from Spain and didn't know any English. ahahah shout out to Senora Kiser! Oh man it was so choppy and i had such a Cebuano accent. but it was awesome experience nevertheless. great peoples.
On Friday, I got to witness the sealing of the Fernandez family in the Temple. (One of the families we brought back to activity while we were in Mabolo). Elder Warner came all the way from Negros to attend. It was one of the best and most spiritual moments of my life -- to see the fruits of our labors, a family returned to the gospel, being sealed for all eternity by the true authority. They have changed, happy, bright countenances. Cant even explain it here.
Jossana is being baptized this Saturday by her returned husband. She just simply great. She loves reading her scriptures and they got a cute 'lil 2 year old baby and Jossana knows that this is 'the best thing she could do for her family.' She's gonna be a strong leader.
Kristal is one of the smartest, interesting and investigators I've ever met. She's like known among the missionaries as the most golden. I feel honored to be teaching her. Sometimes she teaches us... I wish you could hear her prayers at the end of each lesson, it is honestly the most sincere and pure communication with God I've ever heard. She's preparing for baptism on the 19th of October, as well as a couple other investigators. ah every one of them is incredible.
Ah there's so much more to say but I cannot write but little because of the awkwardness of my hands. All I know is, this is the Lord's work and I have no question. I'm humbled and blessed to be a part of it.
Be nice to everyone, don't gossip, look for and only say good things about others.
Elder Mahaffey

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