Thursday, October 17, 2013


This week we had: Transfers, General Conference, oh and a 7.2 EARTHQUAKE. WHAT???   You should have seen our neighbors screeeaming and running outside.  Our house mates hit the deck, and me and Elder Mingus were laughing, walking around trying to stay balanced. Everyone said it was the strongest one they've ever experienced. Despite the earthquake, this has been probably the best week of my mission. Elder Mingus, my new companion was actually in my MTC batch, so we're pretty close and we just hit the ground running with the work. It has been one of those pivotal moments in my life. I've never laughed so hard and I've never felt the Spirit so strongly. It's a good balance.
The other day, Kristal came running into the church and she said "Sir elders! I finished the Book of Mormon! I read for 7 hours yesterday." We were all so shocked we didn't know what to say and she showed us her scriptures and sure enough, every. single. page had markings and notes and underlines. Then she came to General Conference and took notes and cried listening to the Prophet. Bliss.
We also taught a young couple, Jerrex and Christine, who just had a baby, and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation and where we come from before this life and how we can be sealed as families for eternity in the temple. I wish you could have seen their faces as we testified. They looked at each other and then looked at us with this look of hope. A kind of hope that you don't see a lot these days. They agreed together to be baptized.
Our week has been scattered with so many spiritual experiences, it's incredible. We'll be riding on a jeepney and have a prompting to get off and go visit someone and meet new people and teach them. Or we will be walking one direction and then just completely turn around and walk the opposite direction and we're led to these other people. And then you feel this confirming feeling of peace and joy. Every day I feel that Spirit. I wish everyone could feel it. It's the sweetest thing about life.
This Church is true. I invite everyone to search for yourself. Don't just believe me. You can come to a surety that there really is one true, complete organization and Jesus is the Christ and He lives.
Love y'all
elder sumner mahaffey

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