Thursday, October 31, 2013

Y'all like to party?

Wow. Let me just share a couple experiences from this week.
The other day we stopped a guy named Kier on the street to talk with him. He said he had some friends that were Mormon and read part of the Book of Mormon said we could come visit him another day to teach. In our rush, we didn't get his address. A couple days later, we were about to end our night with dinner, but I had this feeling to go find Kier. We just went back to the area where we met him and started asking around if anyone knew him. Several attempts later, someone pointed us down a dark alley way where his house supposedly was. When we got to the end, a bunch of angry dogs were barking and snarling and we saw a man sitting, we tried to ask him but he was deaf and mute and was signing to us that he couldn't hear... Feeling helpless, I spelled "K-I-E-R" in the sign language i remember from 3rd grade...the man UNDERSTOOD. I was as surprised as Elder Mingus was. The mute man pointed us to Kier's house and we went in and found him and taught him. He is elect. It was an incredible lesson. Can you believe that?
Also, this week we talked to a black man from Los Angeles. I think my inner-city "St.Louis" smeezy accent slipped out a little. He said "Aye, y'all like to party?" hahaha but we explained to him we were missionaries and he was so chill and willing to listen.
We had the awesome opportunity to help pack relief boxes to ship to Bohol where the earthquake hit. The damages are worse than i thought. But after church on Sunday, everyone gathered in the cultural hall and we did an assembly line tossing boxes of food and soap and toothpaste. I love how the Church reacts to do that. It was such a cool thing seeing everybody so happy in the Spirit of service.

Also, Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles visited Cebu on Saturday and we had a double mission conference, so we saw all our batch from Cebu East mission. Oh man it was amazing to meet and shake hands with a living apostle. Inspiring
The ward is wakin' up! We're getting the best investigators from member referrals. Our minds are blown! The spirit is so strong in our work. I love it. City zone is doing so well too! We had Zone interviews last week and president told us that the Spirit was amazing in City.

Strive constantly to feel that Spirit in your life. seek revelation. When we receive revelation, the veil is thinned and we get a glimpse of the full truth that we were taught before this life.

Love y'all
Elder Sum

Elder Mingus, Kristel, Elder Mahaffey

MTC batch reunited!  OH HAPPY DAY!!

After the Earthquake in Bohol

Mormon Helping Hands
Missionaries working in Bohol

More earthquake destruction in Bohol

Companions in Cebu
Friends for Life
"Suffer the little children, and forbid them not..."
Together Forever

Shaking hands with
Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

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